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Seemingly erratic and entirely unpredictable, Vučić has been at loggerheads with the West for much of his reign

It Is Time For President Biden To Send A Clear Signal To Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić

What Does The Slogan 'Vučiću, Pederu' Mean Now?

It Is Time For President Biden To Send A Clear Signal To Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić

NEW YORK ( – The Balkans have been at the centre of the world stage and a major ‘flash point’ for over 30 years. The Rich TVX News Network examines the role of the United States in this troubled area, and of course, the recent plans for overthrowing Aleksandar Vučić, one of the most controversial and divisive dictators in modern history. The self-proclaimed ideological leader of Serb nationalism, Vučić has, for one decade, been absolute ruler of Serbia, a country where basic civil liberties are virtually nonexistent, and opposition not tolerated. Seemingly erratic and entirely unpredictable, Vučić has been at loggerheads with the West for much of his reign, implicated in subversion and criminal activities, and regarded as a patron and financier of international terrorism. The truth about Vučić is, like following tracks in the shifting sands of the Danube river. There is, therefore, an awful lot of white noise surrounding Aleksandar Vučić. So extreme are his eccentricities, so bizarre his pronouncements, that the real nature of the dictator and of his ambitions gets buried. But not for the U.S. President. Joe Biden signed an executive order to further address corruption in the Balkans, with Aleksandar Vučić being put on the secret arrest list as number 1. The war is reflected in the soccer world too, as some partizan fans fought in Belgrade with a group against Vučić. They chanted ‘Vučiću, Pederu‘. The intervention followed after fans moved east from the south stand and physically attacked fans who were chanting against the club’s leadership and Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić. A good slogan should make a big statement, encapsulating its ideals and its essence. Does the Serbian soccer fans slogan ‘Vučiću, Pederu’ reflect its true story?

What Does The Slogan ‘Vučiću, Pederu’ Mean Now?
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Vučić’s Serbia 4th On The List Of U.S. Enemies 

So extensive is Vučić’s association with China that in June, President Biden’s administration is said to have ranked Serbia fourth on its list of enemies of the United States, behind China, Russia and North Korea. The most controversial aspect of Vučić’s work has been his vigorously promoted plan for a ‘Greater Serbia’ to rival the EU and the United States of America, starting with a merger of all Serbs in the Balkans, but it seems relatively unlikely that the ‘Greater Serbia’ will be forming any time soon. It is time for President Biden to send a clear signal to dictator Vučić that NATO will protect all of Serbia’s neighbors from Vučić´s intentions. On Sunday interior minister Aleksandar Vulin caused controversy by calling for the creation of “a Serbian world to unite Serbs wherever they live”.“ For the Serbian world to form, Serbia needs to be economically successful, well led, and to have an army that is able to protect Serbia and Serbs, wherever they live. To protect Serbia we must do everything to continue the policy of Aleksandar Vučić,” Aleksandar Vulin told a political rally which was attended by Aleksandar Vučić. Andrija Mandić from the Democratic Front of Montenegro said they are already working on implementation. “Serbs from Montenegro, Serbs from the Republika Srpska, Serbs from Macedonia, these borders that exist between us should not exist in their heads, and then we will work better together, we will be closer to each other, in the end we are one people,“ said Andrija Mandić. Aleksandar Vučić´s kiss-ass partner Milorad Dodik, in return, has stood firmly at Vučić’s side on many issues, offering strong support for the dictator´s promoted plan for a ‘Greater Serbia.’
Alek Is In Trouble

Serbia prosecutor’s questioning Velja ‘the Trouble’ Belivuk, a suspected leader of a brutal Serbian criminal group who claimed the Serbia´s dictator Aleksandar Vučić repeatedly asked him for favors, embarrassed the dictator. Velja the Trouble was recently arrested and accused of heading a criminal gang that according to Serbian authorities was responsible for several murders and has most likely used an industrial meat grinder to get rid of bodies of its poor victims. KRIK published on Thursday parts of Belivuk’s statements during the questioning in which he described how Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić and allies had asked him to keep soccer fans during matches from chanting the very popular slogan in Serbia “Vučiću, Pederu”, which translated means “Vučić The Faggot”, to intimidate anti-government protesters, make sure a gay parade is held without incidents and prevent cab drivers in Belgrade from protesting against the introduction of a mobile phone application. He said that the Car: Go app belongs to Ana Brnabić and her brother. Serbia´s next president Nikola Sandulović urged “Tyrant” Aleksandar Vučić to step down in order to save the Serbian people from more misery. “Vučić is known to have practiced the ugliest ways of destruction, extermination and bloodshed. Aleksandar Vučić has ridiculed all norms and treaties,“ Nikola Sandulović said, and instructed his lawyer Ms. Olivera Popović, to prepare an official statement of the Republican Party in Serbia and submit it to the Prosecutor’s Office, to ask Aleksandar Vučić to be examined in connection with the statements of Velja Belivuk and to clarify how big the share of Aleksandar Vučić in the Car: Go app really is? Dictator Vučić immediately denied he ever met Velja the Trouble, stating that he was prepared to go to jail and pay for his time there if Velja the Trouble’s allegations turned out to be true. Vučić should save the people from additional misery, Sandulović said, and described the dictator’s statements as a further delaying tactic.Rich X Search Is The New Light Bearer
Opening Pandora’s Box: Valentin Inzko’s Dangerous Bosnia Game

Albin Kurti accused Serbia of committing three genocides against Albanians at the meeting with Aleksandar Vučić in Brussels this week and Vučić responded fiercely. President Joe Biden has tapped veteran US diplomat Michael Murphy to be the USA’s next ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, replacing Eric George Nelson. Christian Schmidt will succeed Valentin Inzko as High Representative on 1st of August. We also hear that the U.S. Ambassador Anthony F. Godfrey won’t last long either. Valentin Inzko has set jail terms for anyone who ‘publicly condones, denies, grossly trivialises or tries to justify’ the genocide in Srebrenica or war crimes committed in Bosnia. With this step Valentin Inzko`s Pandora’s box has been opened. Serbian prime minister Ana Brnabić disgraced herself this week. There are rumors that she was questioned by the American FBI during her visit to New York. Also all her announcements about investments in Serbia that the regime media are spreading right now are all lies as we know. As we learned, the IT start-ups with which Ana Brnabić met in New York are too weak to invest anything in Serbia. Ana Brnabić also lied that the Goldman Sachs bank will finance projects in Serbia, we know that is not possible purely for compliance reasons, as country risk also plays a major role. The U.S. government will never allow a bank to operate in such a corrupt and criminal environment as the Vučić regime. All statements of the regime and Ana Brnabić are brazen lies and manipulations of the Serbian people. In short, there will be zero results associated with Ana Brnabić ‘s trip.Rich TVX News Network

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