MAGA March with Hogan Gidley

After Hours catches up with Hogan Gidley – national press secretary for the Trump campaign – to discuss the current state and future of the Republican party.

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  • If the steal continues….the second amendment is the only remedy for true American patriots!!!!!!!! 🇺🇸 USA!!!

  • I want P.F. Changs!

  • MAGA = Domestic terrorist. Orange Maniac has to go immediately. He is a security risk. 25th amendment. Buy the way if this was BLM everyone would have been shot. But it's MAGA so just 13 arrest.

  • Trump’s game is over!

  • It's plain and simple, Republicans don't want a democratic republic. They don't care about the rule of law. The right has become traitors. Plain and simple

  • Trump for prison 2021!!

  • Democrats and Rhinos have destroyed our country

  • "Maga march", bs, he incited violence, and violence he got, this was domestic terrorism. Cabinet needs to evoke the 25th, remove him immediately, impeach him and then indict him, enough is enough.

  • They killed a woman

  • There are no democrats and republicans.
    There are only globalists and nationalists.

    Globalists want to control the world.
    Nationalists want only to control their own home and country, we want to leave other countries alone. 🇺🇸 ✌️ 😎

  • Justice Roberts was overheard saying that he wouldn’t take the Texas case for fear of rioting in the streets. Well Roberts how did today work for you??!?

  • Posting this a day late

  • When the people are ignored, they will find another way to express their will.

  • Nice attempted coup! Trump must resign or the military will relieve him. It's the Constitution the military vows to protect.

  • OK that’s enough of this brown nosing news

  • They said 17% of Democrats think it was rigged and 40% of independents and 70% of republicans….imagine if they ACTUALLY polled and if the mainstream news had aired the actual evidence….it’d be 100%

  • The Left is so brazen with their evil.

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