Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary

Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary

LONDON ( –  The UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson resigns, adding to pressure on Theresa May over Brexit.

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  • the £350 million on the bus a week,divided by 50 million people,is about £1 a day each?Or £18,000,000,000.a year.
    the total government public expenditure is approximately £1 tn[trillion].£1,000,000,000,000.
    The total NHS budget is approximately £115 billion.[£115,000,000,000.].
    interest payments were around £30,000,000,000.a year on soverieghn debt[national debt].due to the fall in the £ by 20%,and thefact that debt has to be repaid in increase of £30,000,000, £60,000,000,000.a year 3 months after the brexit vote.?[on interest repayments.
    The $655,000,000,000,000. derivitives industry leaving London soon,almost 10 times the size of world gdp,is calling for a bit of stability,actually a bit ironic for a gambling industry?[65,tn [trillion]is about $65,500.each for about 10 billion people.
    The amount of tax donated by the productive economy much of it reliant on trade of products also calling for stability,donates about £850,000,000,000,[£850 billion.]
    Foreign aid is about £12 billion.
    Lost by the British government in one day on the currency markets,1993,a figure of between a quarter and three quarters of all tax collected in that year,lost in a day.?
    2016 one dealer made $850,000,000,000.[$850,000,000,000.] in a day currency dealing.
    That figure is about $85.for 10 billion people.
    There is an answer,Sir Winston Churchills,Bretton Woods agreement for world peace through economic prosperity and the stability of currencies,this is the magic money tree that created the worlds wealth to day.
    By investing,in people and jobs,education,and eco tech for instance rather than investing in speculating on currencies etc that uses the international economy as a casino?
    And in general to avoid politicians and people that generalise whole communities into a box due to the unethical,or dangerous activities of a few.
    Such as unless the world economy recovers by the reduction of these enormous gambling markets,the Gold price will stay high,unless they find a golden planet we can all move to,especially if the present PM is saying Brexit may bring difficult times?

  • It is TRUE. In 2015 U.K paid the E.U £19 Billion divided by 52 weeks = £365 Million per week paid to the E.U. that United Kingdom can after Brexit take back control and spend the money on anything they want like the N.H.S for example ~ Only the dumb and the dumber than dumb can not understand the real TRUTH!!

  • The biggest goof in politics. (I don't consider Trump as politician…)

  • Make UK great again!

  • This man is a really great economist!

  • Johnson has much bigger ball than Farage. Farage is a joke who should send in jail. He is Nazis

  • Can a Tory ever tell the truth!? It's the brilliant Keir Starmer who will be leading the negotiations if Labour win… Oh no wait, that's Sir Keir Starmer, KCB, QC and one of the top barristers in the country! I rather he did that than you Boris you ducking dim-wit. Have you got Gove's knife out your back yet?

  • He sold us Brexit on a lie, this will change every brits life most likely forever…yet people still trust the Tories.

  • Cunning,conniving and deceiving thats our buffoon borris

  • So, Diane Abbott is not at fault for not revealing pledge details, because plainly Labour is going to 'consult' after the election… Boris really is a silly chump!

  • BoJo is talking bullocks, time for a change #toriesout #voteforchange #borisout #votelabour

  • Boris is a lying sack of shit.

  • Very sad to see the level of commentary that the Left has sunk to.

  • never trust a tory

  • I am yet to see any so much as partial argument as to why a UK government incumbent at the time of the EU exit could not reclaim ~£350 million per week to distribute at its whim, including to the NHS if so desired. Would anyone like to offer such an argument here and now?

  • Johnson is full of shit

  • chunkymark's video ''Theresa May's Tory Magic Money Tree.''

  • Stupid raving Moron

  • embarrassing to see the level of Intelligence at the Top of our Government today..Absolute incompetent Goonage.

  • Boris seems recently to be taking after his mother Mrs. Wahl heading towards a breakdown

  • Boris the Liar

  • Labour's Brexit Team:
    Sir Keir Starmer Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union and barrister, former Director of Public Prosecutions and the Head of the Crown Prosecution Service shadowing David Davis
    Emily Thornberry Shadow Foreign Secretary and barrister shadowing Boris Johnson
    Barry Gardiner International Trade Secretary, described by the late Andrew Roth as "one of the best educated and most internationally experienced MPs" shadowing Liam Fox

  • The Conservatives have no plan that they can tell the public because their plans are all for the benefit of the rich and powerful!


  • Boris drove a bus with £350million for the NHS in big letters to influence a referendum. Boris now complains about why people ask him about the £350million for the NHS.

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