Nato summit: Germany is ‘totally controlled’ by Russia, President Trump says

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Nato summit: Germany is ‘totally controlled’ by Russia, President Trump says

BRUESSELS ( – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at Melsbroek Air Base in Brussels, Belgium ahead of the NATO summit.

President Donald Trump criticized Germany for paying “billions” to Russia.

“I have to say, I think it’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia where we’re supposed to be guarding against Russia,” President Trump said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters on arrival at a NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday as response: “we make our independent policies and make independent decisions”.

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  • "Keep your Friends Close—–Keep your Enemies EVAN CLOSER".

  • That awkward moment when Americans defend a Russian dictator over their own politicians.

  • Stop with the lies . Russia is not the enemy .

  • I like Putin. I like Russia. There's no way this guy is going to convince me Putin is a bad guy. No way. Putin has everything people want in a good leader. Everything! How can you say Putin is our enemy?

  • Graham is an enemy of America and Americans.

  • This asshole would like to start world war 3 because the war machine gives him a lot of money

  • 97 messages to Trump.. how can any fkr now say that Putin aint got this idiot Prez in his pocket!..

  • This scumbag needs voted out

  • Pfffff From what he/they spread for how long, they have fools believing they President Trump/Putin are best of buddies! He talks from both sides of his face. Corrupt Rino has fools attacking us from his mind games BS.

  • We need to worry about Iran not Russia, Russia is the eu bogeyman

  • Trump is gonna get out of N.A.T.O and form his own alliance with Putin . Our friends are our enemy and our enemies are now friends.
    My friend from Ukariane a Trump guy told me he's upset that Poutus is saying stuff like Putin is a regular guy ??

  • The One in the Whitehouse is under the control of his Red Sickle and Hammer "Blackmailer and Master". Dumb as DIRT while thinking he is a smart Deal Maker will end in disaster! Wake Up People!

  • Don't be deceived by this temporary, limited support, President Trump. Lindsey Graham is not your friend. Remember it was Graham that partnered with Durbin to try and sneak that horrible immigration reform bill by you. The bill that contained everything the democrats wanted and nothing that you wanted. Evidently Graham has us confused with geese which wake up in an entirely new world every day.

  • Lindsey Graham is not your friend President Trump.

  • Lindsey Graham, the closet homosexual who will be shucking with Schumer from here-on-out.

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