13-Minute News Hour w/ Bobby Eberle – Biden Ignores Taliban, Says He Needs More Sleep 8/20/21

Joe Biden has had a terrible week. As the Taliban moved through Afghanistan and obtained control of the government, Joe Biden was on vacation. After a poorly received speech on Monday, Biden held an interview with ABC News on Wednesday. The interview showed that Joe Biden can’t handle the job.

Following the interview, Biden canceled all appearances and left town again, saying that he needed to get more sleep. This is the president of the United States. World leaders have had enough. When will the American people speak out?

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⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:38 Biden leaves town, says he needs more sleep
5:13 Police union launches “do you feel safe” campaign
9:20 Pennsylvania school board bans critical race theory
11:56 Relaxed brain

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  • He just may resign.

  • Biden's sanity is not in question . . . . he is doing what insane people do . . . destroying everything in sight. He is a certified nutcase. I hope President Trump gives us some new information tonight (8-21-21) about the downfall of the economy since Biden floated into town in January. FLOATED on the wings of corruption.

  • Trump warned us what would happen

  • But..but Trump had yellow hair and orange skin and he is too fat and a stripper and sleazy lawyer were on the news, he never knew anything about foreign policy and his health is so bad he is not fit to be president. … and By done is so smart and popular that handfuls come out to see him or Kanny.

  • Biden has dementia, he only knows what he is told to say, then guesses the rest. As a senior with attention problems, he probably falls asleep times during the day. The Dems are careful not to allow press, etc., to catch falling asleep. One of these days, Biden will fall asleep & not wake up for an emergency. This Biden Admin/Dem disaster with Afghanistan is their warning. And exposes even more Biden isn't fit to be US Pres. How to get him removed?

  • Forgetful! Hell He Is Down Right Dangerous For America!

  • The American LEFT Abandoned Afghanistan 🇦🇫 and it’s people.
    It’s abominable.

  • I'm feeling sleepy, sleepy… Class, class, WAKEUP!
    Bill on the Hill… :~)

  • The Republicans need to grow a backbone and start impeachment proceedings against the incompetent, destructive Biden – He and his administration have no idea how to run this country!

  • Here to remind everyone. Even though Biden didn't really win. However; Marxist American citizens did cast votes for him. Everything bad that happens to our Country because of this administration is also on them. If you voted for Biden you are the enemy of the American people. You should be tied to a chair, have your eyes clamped open and be forced to watch every horrible second of what YOU brought upon America and the world.

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