India to go ahead with S-400 missile deal with Russia

India to go ahead with S-400 missile deal with Russia

NEW DELHI ( – India will go ahead with the  acquisition of 5 advanced S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems from the Russian Federation despite pressure from the US, according to minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

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  • Sab chutiyapa aur bakwas hai. Indian system is shit. Keep licking western asses like the Indians always do.

  • My friends and brothers –
    Chinna is setting a Target to build a nuclear powered aircraft carrier by 2025.
    It may take another 5 years.
    What Indian leadership saying- That INS VISHAL
    Will be a conventional aircraft carrier because,
    To Built a 500 MW powered nuclear reactor – it will take 10 to 15 years time.
    Me doubt is – what is the immediate need of IAC 2 (INS VISHAL) ?.
    We can also take a 15 to 20 years time to build a nuclear powered aircraft carrier !! By 2030 or 35 !!.
    IAC 1(INS VIKRANT) will be available in 2020. By that time we will have two aircraft carriers for atleast 20 to 30 years .
    I think we need a long term policy and vision.

  • I think India should go for 2 more additional Dassault Rafalesquadrons and 4 more sukhoi 30 MKI squdrons instead of adopting new jets all together​ and rest of the gap should be filled with Hal Tejas MK-1A and MK-2 and bring the squderon level Up and in long-term Indian Airforce should also think about FIFTH GEN fighters to maintain its edge!

  • Tejas iz more poverfull then all the planess, we have the best technology
    Jai hind
    Jai Bharat?

  • GOI needs to expedite the process of procurement of arms on war footing basis.

  • Develop Tejas and qr Sam indigenously. Good job idu.

  • I think India should collaborate with France for stealth technology. Then DRDO will be able to use this technology

  • Jay hind jay bharat

  • Additional 3 Submarines of scorpion. Good news

  • ????

  • Purchase Russian weapons from China! Less copyrights obligations!

  • I am nt so hppy n satisfied with Tejas,,,,,
    India should hv picked F16 or SAAB's Gripen

  • India should develop AIP or tie up with Sweden .who as it in there submarine.

  • i subscribed

  • Today I feal that nothing new…

  • Top priority

  • Can someone answer my questions please?

    1. Is Shaurya missile active or not?
    2. If brahmos is too good, then why doesn't Russia use it?
    3. If Su-30mki is manufactured by HAL under license, then why not manufacture more of them?
    4. Why can't DRDO make MANPADS?

  • Informative update!

  • India needs more nuclear submarines. Definitely will show the Chinese, what actual power projection is ! Keep yo the good work. Jai Hind .

  • Lovely updates.

  • Keep it up ! ?

  • Honestly defence ministry should reject fgfa. Its not even a  stealth fighter. It doesnt have those technology and features that a steath fighter should have. Better they should go for F-35. And F35 is also cheaper thn fgfa. And as lockheed martin is already a manufacture of 5th gen aircrafts…india will also get help to develop the amca too. Thn maybe Iaf will get the deliveries before 2030. Bcuz as amca will be develop by hal. After tejas they wont have any other projects if they rejects the fgfa. That would be better.

  • Which aircraft is better for indian air force rafale or FA18

  • HAL IS super late. 16 per year is not enough. It has to be 60 -70 per year.

  • Nothing's accidental in case of China. They just want to demonstrate (/show-off) their might to world.

  • 13 th comment

  • I Love My India…….

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