🔴 LIVE: Providence Baptist Church on RSBN – Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday, November 14, 2021: Join us live for Sunday worship services at Providence Baptist Church in Opelika, AL with the message of Senior Pastor Dr. Rusty Sowell.

LIVE: Providence Baptist Church on RSBN – Sunday, November 14, 2021

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • Please Trump come back and make America free and Godly again.

  • Cry out to God jesus is coming soon.

  • Holy Shit!! It's true. If you type in just a period "." In the YouTube search bar all kinds of weird, twisted, evil, snuff type videos come up. This is like the dark web of YouTube. YouTube is allowing this evil perversion while censoring conservatives and covid info? This is beyond words. Go ahead and try it. This is really real. Time to take down Big Tech. They are evil to the core. We a dealing with evil on a mass scale across this planet.

  • Prayers for all! 🙏😁

  • "Rise Up! Remember WHO YOU ARE. Manifest Freedom! Remove from office all who deny it! They are unconscious and therefore unfit to be in positions of public service, service to You. They are replaced with Humans who are Fully Conscious and remember that Freedom is your Divine Birthright. So be it done!"
    W. Andrea Ziarno

  • Thank you Pastor Rusty, great sermon. God Bless 🙂

  • God is what people Need to Connect with! No gall The radical leftist immoral ideology!

  • All religions are equally wrong about existence of supernatural.
    Without evidence, gods are just a fantasy.
    Nice music though…

  • 21:00 sound is off because of technological problems! It will come back soon!

  • God bless you Pastor Rusty Sowell and your church members! God bless RSBN!✝️🙏❤

  • USA is the only hope for Christian western world. Pray for Europe to see Jesus.

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