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Sources close to Aleksandar Vučić say that he insulted Vladimir Putin by calling him a cheap little Drag Queen

Insults of Serb Dictator Aleksandar Vučić That Have Been Directed at Vladimir Putin

Aleksandar Vučić belongs to the past

Insults of Serb Dictator Aleksandar Vučić That Have Been Directed at Vladimir Putin

This Rich TVX News Network bulletin is intended to give you an overview of the profanity, insults, and trash-talking of Serb dictator Aleksandar Vučić that have been directed at Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. It’s remarkable that a Serbian dictator can be smart and so blind at the same time. But one point is clear — Aleksandar Vučić has failed to learn his lesson. The Serbs are considered experts in this form of swearing. In fact, many of the Serbs’ swear words are focused on animals. Looking at the amazing quantity of Serb animal insults, average human beings tend to at first be stunned. Serbs use “Svinja” (swine) for their pig insults. We’ve all heard the antique insult “Svinjski Pas” (pig-dog), but that’s not really used by modern Serbs. “Budala” refers to someone extremely stupid, but can also describe a stupid act. There are many variants on “Budala”, such as “Glup Ko Krava”, ‘stupid as a cow’. These insults shouldn’t be used in any situation where you would like to make friends, or not get punched in the face. These are the kind of thing very bad ten-year-old silly boys say but should never be said by president of Serbia in connection to other presidents. Anyone using these terms had better watch their step. Because of that, Aleksandar Vučić has no future—not as Politician, and not even as a voice in Serbian politics.

Aleksandar Vučić´s Disparaging Remarks Against Joe Biden

NEW YORK ( — According to his security aides, Aleksandar Vučić is regularly under the influence of all kind of pills, which he takes in excess for chronic illnesses. More and more frequently, Aleksandar Vučić is literally unable to comprehend events around him. During a meeting hosted by the White House in Washington last year, Aleksandar Vučić was in an obvious state of confusion when he could not find several pages of his Agreement he signed. The Serbian tyrant Aleksandar Vučić is in the news again, as he plans to visit Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has exerted his country’s influence around the world. He needs President Putin for his upcoming election campaign. Both Aleksandar Vučić and Vladimir Putin, from their different perspectives, see Xi Jinping´s China as their ally in the dying days of the criminal Vučić regime. Putin came to dislike Aleksandar Vučić’s “primitive and highly erratic” behavior, as he was “completely consumed with a dark passion” for playing the Russian President Vladimir Putin out against the United States. Aleksandar Vučić managed to give his lecture but “with the Russians laughing at him, not with him.” Both measure their standing in the world by the quality of their relations with China. The Chinese are just as anxious to maintain a friendship that advances their global interests and economic and political philosophy. Very soon Aleksandar Vučić will suffer the same fate as Slobodan Milošević. He will depart from Belgrade as president of Serbia. When he lands, he will be Gospodin (“Mister”) Vučić, a prisoner. This Rich TVX News Network bulletin is a truly suspenseful report of Aleksandar Vučić’s final act: the shifting alliances, the betrayals, and the jockeying to exploit the future, revealing Aleksandar Vučić for what he truly is: a dangerous buffoon who is leading Serbia down a path to ruin.

Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Poured His Venom On All Americans

Unlike Russia, United States declared Aleksandar Vučić to be a threat to our national security, but describing Vučić as a hypocrite is an understatement. After all, he claims to hate the “evil empire” of the United States, but Aleksandar Vučić’s insults are not limited to the internal opposition and President Biden, as we know Vučić insulted the Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a “Budala” (literally a pubic hair, colloquially a derogatory term for idiot). Hardly a day goes by when Vučić is not in the news for some outrageous pronouncement. Moreover, he is his own greatest enthusiast, an inexhaustible PR mouthpiece for his own ideas and plans. His disparaging remarks against Joe Biden, Vučić poured his venom on all Americans, after President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14033 “Blocking Property and Suspending Entry Into the United States of Certain Persons Contributing to the Destabilizing Situation in the Western Balkans” (“EO 14033“), expanding the sanctions regime related to the Western Balkans, saying, “Go to hell, you Yankees.” (He used the phrase “Jexxxe se svi,” which is hard to translate into English and could be rendered as “go to hell” or as “fxxx you”). Sources close to Aleksandar Vučić say that he insulted Vladimir Putin by calling him a cheap little Drag Queen after they met in Moscow, but saying nasty things behind anyone’s back is not justifiable at all. Although Vučić insulted many Russian officials and top executives too, including Sergei Lavrow and Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, he also expressed his view on the Drag Philosophy, but Drag is about many things. It is about clothes and sex. It subverts the dress codes that tell us what men and women should look like in our organised society. The Drag Queen has two faces: the sacred and the secular. Her secular mask is comic and allows her to take on the role of court jester, with privilege to challenge the laws of society and to crash through the boundaries that separate male from female. It is a role that has existed across the centuries. The Vučić regime has been characterized by a reactionary concentration of power in one man, still Vučić offered a bet to his close friends that he, Vučić, would remain in officer longer then Russian President Vladimir Putin. Some of Vučić’s bright ideas only seem to have come from a ten- year-old.

Serbia Today Can No Longer Be Seen As A Democracy

There is extravagance, too, in the opulent style in which Aleksandar Vučić travels, but Vučić sees the world in completely Manichean terms: There are only bad guys and good guys, traitors and patriots. This tendency to turn everything into a simple dichotomy leads to grotesque distortions and exaggerations. Vučić and his retinue stay at the most expensive suites in the most expensive hotels wherever they go, but the essence of Vučić’s views remained the same Manichean and narcissistic mess they had been all along. Aleksandar Vučić forgot that the country that President Putin inherited was chaotic and collapsing. In spite of all the obstacles, Vladimir Putin reversed the course of decline. In contrast to Aleksandar Vučić, President Putin and his team will continue to rebuild a country once on the verge of collapse, something which cannot be said of Aleksandar Vučić. Serbs were deeply dissatisfied with their previous regimes and were eager for change. They were too eager, for they embraced a nationalist hawk, and made him president. Admittedly, many of those who supported Aleksandar Vučić including some of his closest allies, have come to detest him. Since Vučić took power in 2012, however, things have changed radically. Serbia today can no longer be seen as a democracy. Aleksandar Vučić is an egocentric, nationalistic ruler, and he concentrates all power in himself and his friends. This is precisely the attitude that Vučić displays today, but the words that Vladimir Putin articulated in his millennium speech continue to reflect his value system to this very day, namely, “For Russians a strong state is not an anomaly that should be gotten rid of. Quite the contrary, they see it as a source and guarantor of order and the initiator and main driving force of any change.”

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