🔴 LIVE: Praying for America with Father Frank Pavone – Wednesday, May 5 2021

Wednesday, May 5 2021: Join us live for “Praying for America”, hosted by Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.

🔴 LIVE: Praying for America with Father Frank Pavone – Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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  • 🙏❤️🇺🇸

  • I love to watch and here father frank teach & speak. I can tell he's a great man. !!! a man .

  • Don’t Call anyone Father. Matthew 23:8-10,

  • Thank you for the lesson and prayers Father Frank. I’ll wear my hat every day too. I’m focused and eliminated the influence of the doubting Thomas. This is a battle and no time to get distracted by Satan’s attempts at distractions. Thanks be to God for choosing me.

  • God Bless You Father Frank (& all @RSBN)!!! Thank you, you are a good man!

  • Loved the new intro to Fr. Pavone prayer vigils. Just beautiful and so professional. God bless you all.

  • This prayer session is AMAZING! Thank you for this session of prayer and fellowship, Brotha Pavone! We are the good soldiers of Christ. The weapons of OUR warfare are NOT carnal, BUT MIGHTY in God. We are FEARLESS, because God has NOT given us the Spirit of fear. The Joy of the LORD IS our strength. Feed on His faithfulness, Family. He has and will show us Lovingkindness and GREAT Goodness! THE LORD LIVES! BLESSED BE OUR ROCK! LET THE GOD OF OUR SALVATION BE EXALTED!!🙏🏽🙌🏾👆🏾✝️👑

  • This time the closed captions icon was placed at the end and it does not work.

  • Love you father thank you

  • I love this Man. A through MOG.

  • I am very sick for a long time it's been rough time for me Barbara continues improving praise God we would appreciate it deeply if anyone could pray for us we are sick we are grateful to God and the power of prayers is the best medicine we have we desperately need your prayers please pray for us praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

  • One of the best ministers on air!

  • Every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

  • Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

  • Watching from NW Ohio. Thank you Father Pa one and RSBN for this time of joint Prayer time for the United States of America.

  • who is he talking to?, skydaddy


  • Praying in Lord for America
    Amen Jesus Christ 🌹 🙏
    God save America 🙏🇺🇲🙏
    Amen Amen Amen 🕊☀️🕊
    Praying in Lord for President Trump ⚖🇺🇲🗽
    Amen Jesus Christ 🌹 🙏

  • – Go waTch pRojEcT veRitAs nEwEst vIds!!! 👏😳👀🇺🇸

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