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Vladimir V. Putin Summons Top Officials To Kremlin Amid War Fears

Rich TVX News Alert: Putin's greatest moment may have come

Vladimir V. Putin Summons Top Officials To Kremlin Amid War Fears

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — According to Russian officials familiar with the intelligence, Vladimir V. Putin of Russia decided to convene a meeting today of top party and government personnel in order to issue a statement which, in effect, sought to proclaim the end of an era of weakness and the beginning of a new Putin epoch. Putin’s greatest moment may have come, as the meeting summoned today by Putin came as a surprise to Western observers. The circumstances of Putin’s hurried gathering gave rise to rumors that he had in fact been in panic, but the man had weathered monumental crises—the challenge of rogue oligarchs, the Kursk submarine disaster, the Beslan school siege fiasco, the Moscow theater hostage crisis—and he appeared to be in fine fettle. The Rich TVX News Network as an observer of the mysteries of Kremlin politics had pronounced him stable. Moreover, Vladimir V. Putin was too experienced in the intrigues of Kremlin politics to stay in defensive mode if he suspected that real trouble was brewing. But today suddenly Putin requested a meeting with top-tier cabinet members—its real purpose has not yet been disclosed. Vladimir Putin is set to meet with his ministers of defense and foreign affairs, the Kremlin has announced, without revealing the agenda for the talks. In his frustration, in his desperation at his failure to produce a world triumph—one which would, among other things, dispel a gathering political storm at home—Vladimir V. Putin resorted to his greatest gamble and has allowed the NWO Cabal to bring Russia to the brink of war with Ukraine.

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