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World Exclusive: FSB Plot To Kill Bill Browder

The Serbian involvement in "Operation Pauk" plot to kill Browder

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Dugin-Putin Pact: Origins and Consequences

This Rich TVX News Network report delves into the origins and consequences of the Dugin-Putin Pact, a sinister alliance. The recent tragic incident involving the daughter of Aleksandr Dugin, the ultra-nationalist Russian philosopher who wielded significant influence over Vladimir Putin, demands scrutiny. Darya Dugina lost her life in a car explosion on a Moscow highway, as reported by Russia’s investigative committee. It is worth noting that Aleksandr Dugin has been often referred to as “Putin’s intellectual compass.” However, the real target of the Kremlin’s machinations was not his daughter but Dugin himself. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a convoluted narrative, intricately tied to the enigmatic and highly organized cult that is the Kremlin. This secretive entity has a long history of engaging in activities that remain beyond the purview of public scrutiny, as dictated by the Siloviki.


Dugin vs. Putin: Disillusionment and Dispute

Aleksandr Dugin found himself in the crosshairs, obligated to atone for the potential disruptions caused by his unmet expectations, enshrined in what are ominously termed “Signed in Blood” contracts. Dugin had inadvertently given birth to a monstrous creation, and, perhaps more audaciously, he dared to voice his disillusionment publicly. Concealing his disappointment over Putin’s protracted delay in restoring the Russian Empire proved to be an arduous task for Dugin. As the relationship between Dugin and Putin soured from 2015 onwards, a distinct shift in tone emerged. Dugin continued to criticize Putin and the Kremlin in the media. Notably, Putin was not depicted as a lunatic, idiot, or a man possessed by malevolent forces. However, Putin’s response to Dugin’s birthday greeting was unsettling, marked by cryptic language invoking “Cheka friendships sealed in blood.” It was clear that Putin was castigating Dugin in brutal, chilling terms.


The Enigma of Dugin: A Sinister Twist

Dugin’s concerns ran deeper, finding private expression. Firstly, criticizing the Tsar was strictly prohibited. Secondly, as dictated by a clandestine protocol, Dugin’s fate was sealed—he had to die. Even for the Russian oligarchs, the enigmatic demise of Darya Dugina remains deeply disconcerting. It is a perplexing tableau, where the cult must sacrifice its spiritual progenitor—a blood ritual dedicated to the Kremlin’s deities. Aleksandr Dugin now finds himself ensnared in a nightmarish labyrinth where logic disintegrates. How could everything have unraveled so swiftly following the Ukraine invasion? Yet, death may not be a fate worse than Dugin’s sadistic creation, a monstrous entity whose capabilities would stir envy in the devil himself. This context helps elucidate Aleksandr Dugin’s peculiar dreams, which now take on a more ominous significance.


Bill Browder


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Bill Browder’s Close Call

In a surreal dream, a radiant light descended upon Aleksandr Dugin, accompanied by an angel dressed in a blood-red robe. This celestial being conveyed a silent message, assuring Dugin that he need not fret, for angels protect their own in the heavenly realm. Dugin was informed that his arrival had been anticipated, and a grand reception awaited him in the celestial Russia. In response, Dugin, aware that it was wartime, mentally affirmed, “I’m old enough to die for my Russia.” Although unspoken, these words resonated with crystal clarity in Dugin’s consciousness. The grim reality settled in: death was a possibility he had not foreseen.This revelation paralleled the fate that Bill Browder narrowly escaped, thanks to a stroke of luck. An enigmatic “hit team,” dispatched by Putin to Serbia, had persistently pursued their mission—a cursed undertaking that would span forty-eight sleepless hours. The world of espionage, inhabited by FSB spies, has deep historical roots, predating even the establishment of Vladimir Putin’s revered institution, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), by its founder Felix Dzerzhinsky. Spies were essential fixtures within Russian embassies, entrusted with gathering intelligence across diverse domains.

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Unmasking Putin’s Elusive Hit Team

What distinguishes this episode is the utilization of Serbs as bait to ensnare their target. Typically operating under the auspices of UDBA, the former Yugoslavian secret police, these Serbs were acting on behalf of the FSB. The FSB’s stratagem involved placing Serbs in proximity to Bill Browder, recognizing that Russians faced insurmountable challenges. Previous attempts, including honey traps, had yielded no success. The ensuing phase of the plan involved luring Bill Browder to Serbia under an innocuous pretext. During his journey through Serbia, Browder’s vehicle would be struck by an oncoming truck, seemingly veering out of its designated lane. In this catastrophic collision, Browder would meet instant death. No one could have survived such a calamity. If, by some extraordinary chance, Browder did survive, a complicit doctor at a Belgrade hospital would have completed the task on the operating table. Bill Browder would have departed Serbia in a coffin, his demise neatly recorded as just another tragic car accident.


Bill Browder: Targeted by the Kremlin’s Ongoing Vendetta

This narrative echoes the fate of individuals such as Badri Patarkatsishvili, Anna Politkovskaya, Aleksandr Litvinenko, and numerous others. None of them met their end through conventional means. Bill Browder’s life remains in jeopardy, a consequence of the Kremlin’s enduring grudge, stemming from his pivotal role in the enactment of the Global Magnitsky Act


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