Noah Weinrich on OAN's Tipping Point

Noah Weinrich joined OAN’s Tipping Point to discuss Heritage Action’s election integrity state advocacy campaign.


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  • Big words, but little meaning other than false claims of voter fraud! This is nothing than the conservative leaders wanting to suppress the vote. Disgusting and anti democratic rhetoric by (opinion chosen over fact) OAN host. She's just a promoter of false accusations and a ridiculously false narrative. My big words mean, the OAN host if full of bull shit.

  • Okay, if Heritage recognizes that Georgia has the greatest need for election integrity and strange schedules, then Virginia ought to be fairly easy, and Arizona can welcome Heritage to Phoenix…
    Bottom line: spend some money to trash Dominion machines..Spend some money to count votes by hand!…

  • Last elections were the safest ever …..trump and his lawyers have been lying to you for months and they think you are fools for believing his election fraud bullshit…lol

  • You are trying to cheat. There was no voter fraud in the last election. The only fraud that was found was from the republicans.

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