We will not be lions for lambs | Joe Pinion

After Tom Cruise’s viral rant, Joe says it’s nice to see someone ‘give a damn’ for once as some politicians continue to kill entire industries. – via Saturday Agenda with Joe Pinion, Saturdays at 1PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • Tom is a POS but at least he knows what's going on.

  • EVERY business that has been & is being affected by these shutdowns & stupid restrictions should All say enough. They ALL need to open up together across the country, power in numbers.

  • Admirable message Joe!
    Puerto Rico U S A

  • So where are the arrests? It's simple. No arrests + no trials + no convictions = no reelection. DJT has flatbout failed to do any of those things, so he needs to go. As soon as possible…


  • Great speech 👍🏼

  • I really hope at some point NEWSMAX GETS ON SOME Censored physicians like Dr Simone Gold from Americas Doctors to tell us the real story about C19 and how easy it can be to treat. They have been on the capitol steps and have been censored. How about someone like Dr Tenpenny and expert on vaccine history? These are who we want to hear. They have been silenced about the TRUTHS that the world needs to hear. Come on Newsmax….you got all these folks watching for this very reason. Start interviewing these folks and let THE PEOPLE DECIDE… They have REAL SCIENCE TO REPORT!!!

  • We've been lied to about Covid We've been lied to about Lock-downs. Most of all, we've been lied to about our, supposed President Elect. The Election is a lie.
    We have been denied our basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under the rule of the Democrats/Communist Party. Trump is our President.

  • bye newsmax after you're note to "clarify" your coverage of smartmatic and dominion. you folded! everyone unsub!

  • Tell that to your Mayors, Governors and Representatives not your crew, Tom. You guys keep voting Democrat.

  • Best thing TC has done in years! Thank you for standing up Tom.

  • Fox 2.0 weak kneed backstabbing cowards at this network

  • Let's get the context right: Tom Cruise saw two members of the filming crew standing without masks in front of a screen, less than 6 feet apart. That made him angry, because he was afraid that due to this irresponsible behavior, the making of Mission Impossible 7 would be interrupted again.

  • Where's the video where you cowards bow down to the will of Dominion and Smartmatic? Fox News v2.0. Unsubbed.

  • Tom Cruise, who's he? I know who Steve Bannon, is but I'm not sure about a Tom Cruse…

  • I hope his Scientology practices help the people now! Haha😂😂

  • Ridiculous COVID lockdowns killing more than the Wufu. 🐑 Falling prey to the 🐺.

  • Newsmax is dead. They released a statement claiming no evidence of election fraud. Bye Newsmax.

  • NewsMax…the National Enquirer of news reporting. Where the earth is flat and only 3,000 years old, tRump is just the best president ever, and Satan is alive and well, eating babies, living in California, and overthrowing elections. Santa will be here soon too!!!

  • 12/21/20 RED ALERT! Patriots under attack (reports say Police are deploying pepper spray) at Portland Capital during their march to insist on fair election right now! Call Sheriff (503) 378-3720, Gov Brown (503) 378-4582, Main Portland police (503) 986-1122. Had to leave a message on all 3–they're not answering phones–but message must be sent! Go to (8) CALL TO BATTLE for OREGON – Patriots under police attack now – YouTube for story. First part, of video no sound, so be patient.

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