OAN Funded by AT&T #shorts

–Right wing conspiracy network OAN turns out to be 90% funded by AT&T

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Broadcast on October 7, 2021

#davidpakmanshow #OAN #AT&T


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  • Prosecute AT&T like they did Microsoft.

  • At&t stinks as a phone service. My phone sucks. Been to this store 3 time a help is a joke.

  • I discontinued AT&T internet & switched over to Xfinity Comcast. I am saving about $80/mn also doing this. Never again AT&T.

  • AT&T several years back crammed my mutipaged voluminous phone bill for a $5.00 international roaming charge to the tune of $200.00 before I noticed the larcency. When I called the 1-800 no service number they told me they wouldn't refund or credit my account. When I said I would walk they said that would be fine. Needless to say I despise this POS company of thieves. So why am I not surprised they support OAN.

  • Really wanna piss off AT&T drop their service and tell'em why.

  • I've canceled my AT&T digital service, gone with a different provider. Also told them why when they asked.

  • AT&T is very closely associated with the Mafia. Inside info that I thought you should know.

  • i’ve been amazed for years that these monopolies are allowed and even helped to keep going and going!!!!! what do we have laws for? oh, who cares about this law anyway!? 🙄😧😳

  • Welp considering no business is going to want to run their own fiber, it’s very unlikely.

  • The people need to speak up. The people of the US are scared of politicians. Hey, the politicians are our employees. They are supposed to do what we tell them. So speak up.
    I live in Florida. Politicians don’t listen to the people in this swamp.

  • I recently work with direct tv and my trainer (fucking moron) said if you want an unbiased new source listen to one America…direct tv just got bought out by at&t. I didn’t know that one America was owned by at&t but I guess my trainers mind and life is owned by at&t hahaha

  • History keeps repeating

  • Makes me want to go to sprint.

  • Boycott all AT+T products and services, subsidiaries and spread the word that they support nazis and the attempted overthrow of the government. DOJ and FBI should be all over this. But with garfield still in place, probably nothing will happen.

  • AT&T is pretty invested with keeping Americans fighting with each other so we don't unite against the government .

  • Pakman, how about giving full disclosure on who’s funding you? Is that crickets I’m hearing?

  • Some guy I work with said that this wasn't true that AT&t came out and said it wasn't true

  • I sure hope John Oliver catches this bit so he can keep making ex-business daddy jokes about AT&T. Someone has to stay on top with AT&T, because it’s not their service that stays on top bars.

  • There's a building next to a place I go to for lunch in downtown DC that has logos for both Axios and one of the major well known defense contractors. I guess if I had a conspiratorial mind I could find a connection there, too.

  • Who's that girl that does their TV ads? Might be fun to put her on blast a bit.

  • I used to love att and now I’m so mad I tell people they are great

  • i thought 3 people owned all the old school news media ?

  • I hate OAN too but saying they are "owned" by AT&T is wrong. "Ninety percent of OAN’s revenue came from a contract with AT&T-owned television platforms, including satellite broadcaster DirecTV"

  • I will be changing from AT&T to Verizon, because of this (assuming Verizon is not owning Newsmax or a similar anti truth outlet)

  • and all of the Progressive Politicians who are going to get voted out of Congress in the 2022 midterms are funded by the CCP, I'll take AT&T & OANs' over Communists any day of the week.

  • AT&T should not be in the business of propagating misinformation/propaganda as a shill for the Right, Left or Center.

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