Giuliani: Biden, trial both disasters

NEW YORK, NY: ‘America’s Mayor’ Rudy Giuliani, a longtime confidant and personal attorney to Donald Trump, comments on the impeachment trial, the policies that the Biden administration is ‘sneaking’ in, and more. – with Newsmax TV’s Grant Stinchfield

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  • I will die by my sword. War is brewing. It's what they're asking for.

  • Hell…I could do better than this guy ..TRUMP I'LL DEFEND YOU!!!
    Looks like somebody else getting a big payoff. ..maybe?🤷‍♀️ you don't know who you can trust anymore…

  • America is a joke . Double standards everywhere .


  • 2049??? I dont think so Rudy… China already controls Americas government: Joe, Mitch, Swallwell & others… Its full out there who your new puppet masters are – wisen up.

  • Everyone should go to Mar-A-Lago for Valentine's remember they love you.

  • Trump needs new lawyers for his impeachment trial. Why Rudy julian and Trump's other lawyers doesn't help Trump's impeachment trial.

  • I just want to say that I’m so mad with the defense team of Trump it can be true, it supposed to defend him not the opposite is weird

  • …yeah, as big a disaster as Rudy Giuliani's handling of the post election court cases
    Giuliani, being the lush that he is, wasn't able to see the big picture.
    Being a 76yo drunk, he could only focus on the small things. I able to articulate the breadth of the situation.
    He was the main reason the obvious election fraud was allowed to happen.
    Rudy Giuliani is a friggin joke!

  • Say goodbye to your favorite jackass Trump Ivanka Don Jr and that moron Eric. And say hello to subpoena and indictment for individual 1 AKA jackass Trump. So lock them up lock them up lock them up lock them up.

  • To trump supporters only. No Time Magazine cover no Mount Rushmore no noble peace prize no borders wall no 2nd term,for your favorite Jackass trump 😉!!!!

  • Please hurry up and impeach Biden before he do more damage in America

  • Who's going to impeach Joey not the rino Republicans Mitchell and pence where traitors not stopping this election fraud now we the conservatives Republicans have to put up with Joey destroying the USA hope you rinos are happy

  • That attack was staged by people they brought their police escorted them in they were not leaving the White House when they found out that people had come in they really weren't acting panic because they knew they had staged this when the Trump people were walking over to the White House these people were already there breaking windows and writing

  • 🙏🙏🏾🕊️

  • Many politicians in DC hate Mr. President Trump because President Trump made them losing their lunch

  • In our hearts and mind, Mr. Donald J TRUMP still our United States of America PRESIDENT ❤🇺🇲❤ we don't have respect to biden , president FRUAD BIDEN

  • Donald Trump is not fit for office because he can't fight… he thinks everybody is a nice guy even when they smack him in the face with a wet fish…after the first impeachment trump should have took it to the forces and if they had backed him he should have rounded up all the mutineers and have done with it… if the army were not prepared to back him he should have made a public address stating his case and then resigned…but he didn't:- he told us they were going to cheat him and he let them get away with it and now we have to pay the price of Mr Trump's naivety.. it reminds me of the last day of the Byzantine Empire…a poet looked back at Constantinople and cried "if what you was built to protect is no more, for what purpose do you still stand"
    Maybe history has turned Full Circle and it's time for The Mongols to return… God in heaven Help Us♎

  • hopefully newsmax are next to be charged for their b'shit.. 🤞

  • Biden got elected by the fraud, not the voters

  • Politicians are NOT hiding their CORRUPTION, it's as if they KNOW they can get away with ANYTHING

  • We lost the best president that this country has seen for over one hundred years and we are to have turned away for a demented idiot who is acting like a dictator of this country .

  • Gulliani's remark that the Dems strategy is to "Appeal to people's emotions and that they're (the people) stupid". That's a large chunk of 'modern' America.

  • crazy rudy is the biggest loon in the nation

  • China prepaid Hunter for Joe to destroy America, so their plan worked out extremely well.

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