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Vladimir Putin´s Worrying Signs Of Weakness

Vladimir V. Putin of Russia wants to defuse Ukraine crisis

Vladimir Putin´s Worrying Signs Of Weakness

NEW YORK ( — This Rich TVX News Network bulletin unveils the mystery of what is really going on in the Kremlin. The first signs of confusion are observed in the ranks of the Putin regime. In Serbia, where the criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime dumbs down the news to pump up the ratings, and having in mind the Russophile orientation of the hardcore nationalist faction, such bad news can cause frustration. Why? Because completely contradictory features characterize Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. Some people are insane, and some acts are due to mental illness. This view can be interpreted to mean that people thought to be Russophiles in Serbia are actually mentally sick, and that instead of being persecuted for treason they should have been treated for insanity. Treason is the crime of betraying your country and the Russophiles in Serbia are not only traitors but in facto sick, bad, stupid, and wrong, whereas the majority in Serbia are healthy. In the past, most people in Serbia believed in Russia, but why did not Russia help Serbia during the Balkan wars in the 1990s? Ask these questions to Russophiles in Serbia and you’d hear a thousand excuses because these people are blind and immune to reason. And there is another problem, more insidious because the Serbian public isn’t aware of it. Russophiles in Serbia regard Putin as “God,” ready to support him to the bitter end—even after Putin granted himself dictatorial powers. The Russian people lapsed into poverty and grew heartily sick of the “Putin regime,” which predisposed them to accept the dictatorship of the nation’s current Russian president. Still, between not being a great president and being a coward there is a great distance. At this point we begin to see worrying signs of weakness of the Putin regime, which is a clear indication that Putin will leave a heritage of misery and backwardness, because behind his latest outbursts against NATO and doomsday warnings to the West, there are tentative signs that the great President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia is praying to God to avoid an escalation of the Ukraine crisis and hopes for some form of accommodation with the West. Vladimir V. Putin of Russia warned for the second time in a week that European countries would automatically be drawn into a war with Russia in which “there will be no winners” if Ukraine joined NATO and then tried to recapture the Crimean peninsula. Same game! But strangely, at the Kremlin news conference that ended after 1 a.m., Putin also said dialogue was not over, that some proposals from the United States and NATO were worth discussing, and that Russia would do “everything to find compromises that suit everyone”. “Ah! That is a good step,” the NWO cabal in New York and London replied with satisfaction, and the clouds darkened over the Kremlin once more, as the near total meltdown of the Putin regime was looming. Offers a Different Take on Today’s News

The Aleksandar Vučić Regime’s Troll Army Disclaimer

Aleksandar Vučić Regime’s Troll Army, also called Vučić trolls or Vučić bots are state-sponsored anonymous Internet political commentators and trolls linked to Serb dictator Aleksandar Vučić.  Participants report that they are organized into teams and groups of commentators that participate in Serbian and international political blogs and Internet forums using social bots and large-scale orchestrated trolling and disinformation campaigns to promote pro-Vučić and pro-Greater Serbia propaganda.Serb dictator Aleksandar Vučić is financing legions of pro-Vučić internet trolls. The trolls are paid in euro cents per posting. On Twitter, some dumb Aleksandar Vučić trolls were starting to label Rich TVX News with all kind of names. You’ve got smart people and you’ve got dumb people. Pro-Vučić internet trolls just happen to be dumb and primitive. There are SNS internet trolls too – not literally dumb, but psychologically dumb. But nobody gives a damn about them. To help all those pro-Vučić internet trolls will be the purpose of this disclaimer. The following message is addressed to pro-Vučić internet trolls: We are extremely proud of our journalism and the stellar team of Rich TVX News Network. The Rich TVX News Network does not give a f*ck what you think.

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