Video Message from President Donald J. Trump 1/7/21

Video Message from President Donald J. Trump 1/7/21

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  • Trump you are a sore loser, accept the fact you can't win at everything.

  • Donald j Trump I loves you more
    Irina ifraimova

  • Well if this is not part of the plan then he's been deepstated he had a good go but like he said nothing can stop what's coming, ccp

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  • Oh c'mon have a chaos party in the white house ..celebrate…you can do it Trump🤣🤣Take the paintings too,they're yours now

  • All media don't respect free speech, this is the beginning of socialism when the Democracy die, They shutting down Our great President Trump, and like the ceo of tweeter say he is first and then his supporters

  • I will never vote one more time.!!!!! Mr president donald trump that only one and only. Yessss !!!!!

  • Play the speech on the 6th to really see what he means! One has to wonder is Donnie being held hostage? Don the Con is using the big lie to incite riots!
    Don the Seditionist, twice impeached former president. Bye Bye fool!

  • For whom the bell tolls…

  • Should have said the attack by antifa. There's proof. Yes some Trump supporters were caught up in moment and was basically invited in by the police to trap em inside….only damage I seen was done by fake Trump supporters….who burnt the church across from the Whitehouse not long ago? Where's that investigation 🤔? Rules and laws are what keeps us separated from the varmint……PATRIOTS are not terrorists!

  • Donald doesn’t believe in God…he believes in the power of money.

  • So let me get this straight –

    In under 2 years, former president Trump lost the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and became the first president ever to be impeached twice.

    I can see why so many have stood by his side and supported his desecration of the US Constitution – so much winning.. they've won so much…they probably can't stand it anymore..

    So while they're congratulating themselves on all that winning, in 8 days, 8 short days, it will be time for those 74 million plus winners to crawl back under the rock they crawled out from under 4 years ago.

    And disappear… forever… 👋👋

  • Only president in our history to have lost the popular election twice AND been impeached twice! Person, Man, Jail, Prison, Soap! The president has been briefed, in PAMPERS!

  • We love & support you Mr. President Trump🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 God bless and keep you! Thank you for all your hard work for us.

  • It was a ff. We know the truth. We know cheating happened. We know a bioweapons was released on the world. The reprobates don’t know see or hear & are given over to the devil.

  • Divided we’re falling. Dip-ship losers in it for themselves. They’ll never take my voice. President Trump one!

  • the guy who said to
    "Nuke the hurricane to stop it from coming," and
    "WiNdMiLs CaUsE CaNcEr"
    -Donald J. Trump


  • impeached again twice in 4 years great job mr ego, you incited a riot now your going to be sued and lose alot including your hotels casinos real estate , the mighty has fallen , great job mr orange man , you will always be remembered for letting the capital be invaded by your thugs, the worse president embarrassed with just days to go, lol lol more people died under your watch in 4 years than any president ever between covid handling , war and capital deaths, riots , etc, twitter rants name calling , ive never been happier to see you gone from the white house, thank god

  • Don't go anywhere, you are still and will be my president for the next 4 years

  • Let's please stop apologizing for something we did not do.

    We NEVER want to be saying the same thing the MSM is saying.

    Our line should be "These people are not our supporters. Trump supporters are peaceful and good Americans. Just because a criminal puts on a red hat, he does not become a supporter. These people are not, and were never Trump supporters."

    This is our line.
    This is the Administration's line.
    This is the President's line.

    "These people are not, and were never Trump supporters."

    Spread this to all outlets.
    Arm the Patriots with a strategy and a tool to spread the truth and not be hijacked by the MSM narrative.

    "These people are not, and were never Trump supporters."

    Your Friend,

  • You’re the best President Trump! We love you and thank you for all your sacrifices!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • He said "our" incredible journey is only just beginning trump will remain as president

  • I’m afraid this may only be the beginning… make sure you stay vigilant guys. The enemy is out there and they look just like us

  • Us Republicans will never stop fighting.

  • Great job Sir Great Speech


  • When Our Votes Don’t Count,
    What Choice do the Citizens Have ??

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