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US Intelligence warns of Escalating Russian Offensive in Ukraine

Russia Launches New Offensive in Donetsk Region: US Intelligence Report


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US Intelligence warns of Escalating Russian Offensive in Ukraine

New York ( — According to a report from U.S. intelligence, Russia is preparing a new offensive in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. The report states that over the past three days, reconnaissance attacks near the cities of Pavlovka and Vugledar have likely escalated into a coordinated attack. The 155th Marine Brigade, which was used in an unsuccessful attack in the same area in November 2022, is reportedly involved in the Russian army again. The Russian command is believed to be developing a new offensive line in the Ukrainian-controlled Donetsk region to distract the Ukrainian army from the Bakhmut sector. Intelligence suggests that Russia may make local gains in Bakhmut but does not have enough troops for a significant breakthrough. In November, Russia and Iran agreed to jointly produce drones in Russia to avoid potential sanctions from western countries. Nikolay Patrushev also visited Iran and it was reported by the Washington Post that the co-production could be set up quickly, within a few months. The components for the drones, known as “shaheeds” or “geraniums”, will be produced in various cities in Russia such as Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Togliatti, Tula, Derbent, Zelenograd, Barnaul, and others. However, recent events have shown that drone production in Iran is vulnerable, and joint production of weapons with Russia could become even riskier.

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