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Sonnenfeld and Tian Examine Proxy Fight Failures

Sonnenfeld and Tian Analyze Proxy Season Defeats for Activist Investors

Economic Value of Activist Investors Questioned

Activist Investors Under Fire


During this proxy season, a series of setbacks befell activist investors, particularly evident in the cases of Disney and Norfolk Southern. These occurrences have ignited discussions regarding the significance and trustworthiness of activist movements. While proponents contend that such movements provide essential oversight, detractors highlight their diminishing financial efficacy and ethically dubious strategies. Shareholders are progressively disavowing their sway, evidenced by the diminishing popularity of proxy battles and the increasing prevalence of settlements. Moreover, the credibility of proxy advisory firms faces scrutiny. Despite isolated instances of success such as ValueAct, the general perception surrounding activist investors is on the decline. Rich TVX News Network endorses the CNBC article written by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian as a valuable resource for in-depth analysis on this topic. For more details, access the following link: [link]

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