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That´s Why We Call Them The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy Treacherous Globalist Media

There Are No Alternatives to the "Western" Model of Democracy

That´s Why We Call Them The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy Treacherous Globalist Media

NEW YORK ( — A Russian strike on Ukraine’s recently recaptured city of Kherson has killed 16 people, wounded another 50 and left bloodied corpses on the road. So the Russian murderers never lose their heads. They kill to the end, ferociously, coldly, unbelievably. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and President Biden shared their hopes for peace between Russia and Ukraine in a news conference, but fresh from a trip to the United States seeking weapons to resist the 10-month Russian invasion, Volodymyr Zelensky published pictures showing streets strewn with burning cars, smashed windows and bodies. This is the Christmas gift of the Russian brothers of the Serbian criminal president Aleksandar Vučić, and the criminal tyrant from Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik. In compare to these two dictators, Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican party in Serbia is the paradigm of nobility and Aleksandar Vučić, Milorad Dodik, together with Vladimir Putin, are vicious scum, but you’ve never seen anything like the licking of Putin’s ass perpetrated by the fake ever-untrustworthy treacherous corrupt globalist media in the United States. There are grey areas, but this is hardly a grey area. The Rich TVX News Network detailed in countless bulletins Nikola Sandulović’s rise as an opposition leader in Serbia, telling the story of a man who willingly sacrificed his freedoms in his fight against the brutal rule of Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić. Around the world, Nikola Sandulović is known as a fighter for democracy and human rights. That’s why we’re always being attacked by the pro-Vučić and pro-Putin trolls. This is not a situation we would wish on anyone. They say that the incredibly evil Rich TVX News Network launched a reign of terror against noble people from the Kremlin and their communist henchmen in the Balkans. Well, it is not that the Rich TVX News network crew is made up of evil people who have been humiliating the corrupt dictators and their sponsors in the Kremlin for years without any reason.

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Having Trouble Finding Something Absurd To Read During Christmas?

In a recently published article, the globalist media would corrupt language with their doublespeak to such an extent that they would announce that “Vladimir Putin did not know the truth about the war in Ukraine” — REALLY?!?! Actually, the article would be a tragically comedic farce if the media all over the world would not share it during the Christmas period. Well, the corrupt globalist media launches the Kremlin myth “about the good Russian Tsar Vladimir Putin”. Fall in love with Tsar Putin all over again – a blood-thirsty Russian war criminal. Ah, it is really heart-breaking. Are Kremlin terrorists using corrupt media as training grounds? The purpose of this crucial analysis is to flesh out the skeleton of the globalist media plot by sending a signal to the world that the poor Russian Führer Vladimir Putin was deceived, kept in isolation, as the tragic fact of his aloneness and that it is still worth talking to Führer Vladimir Putin. The logic is very simple, but it is also well known that Putin’s Russia over the last years separated itself from the civilized world; like Nazi Germany, it was hugely successful over a long period of time, and appeared invincible. And then, suddenly, against all expectation Führer Vladimir Putin made the biggest mistake of his life – he invaded Ukraine. Some sick-minded freaks of the corrupt globalist media sympathize completely with the Russians in their fight against repulsive Ukrainians, in their revealing article about the “poor” Führer Putin who does not know what is happening in Ukraine: “a handful of evil Kremlin advisers” isolated him from true information about the war. Oh, we’re so sorry to hear that. As if we do not need to hate Vladimir Putin, he still hasn’t owned up to his mental problems. We used to think his stupid babble about the Soviet Union collapse had some style; now we see it as a sign of a deeper problem. Let’s hope he doesn’t harbor aspirations of becoming a Russian rapper.

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The BS article of the corrupt globalist media was allegedly written on the basis of conversations “with current and former Russian officials close to the Kremlin.” Hell yes! This Rich TVX News Network bulletin exposes the globalist scum behind pro-Putin propaganda. We all know that there are no alternatives to the “western” model of democracy. The communist mainstream media narrative looks as follows: Russian commanders from the front in Ukraine pass information to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), and the FSB – to Nikolai Patrushev. And he already puts the folder on Vladimir Putin’s desk and is responsible for what is written there. It is well known from dozens of other Rich TVX News Network bulletins that the Siloviki in the Kremlin and the FSB are becoming lightning rods – they are gradually being held responsible for the start of the war against Ukraine. This narrative benefits Vladimir Putin because it shares responsibility for crimes among all members of the Politburo. According to the corrupt globalist media, the poor Russian Führer Vladimir Putin is battling the evil Ukrainians, United States and NATO alone. “The poor Russian Tsar is good but deceived.” It’s of paramount importance for every American to know that in the end it’s all nonsense, nothing happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin’s knowledge and agreement. But If we look at the facts, the Kremlin is not only seeking to remove part of the responsibility for the failed war, the Kremlin sends a signal to the rest of the world: Vladimir Putin is being kept in isolation, so be like French President Emmanuel Macron – call him, talk to him, sit down at the very long negotiating table, try to scratch his bxxxs if that’s technically somehow possible and convince him. The Russian Führer Vladimir Putin needs contacts with the powerful of this world. For this reason, with the help of the corrupt globalist media, Vladimir Putin is ready to expose himself as a fool who is allegedly led by the nose by his evil Siloviki. Now, that’s what we call despair.
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Russo-Ukrainian War

The Russo-Ukrainian War[c] has been ongoing between Russia (alongside Russian separatists in Ukraine) and Ukraine since February 2014.[d] Following Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and supported pro-Russian separatists in the war in Donbas against Ukrainian government forces; fighting for the first eight years of the conflict also included naval incidents, cyberwarfare, and heightened political tensions. In February 2022, the conflict saw a major escalation as Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

In early 2014, pro-Russian Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was ousted from office as a result of the pro-European Euromaidan and the Revolution of Dignity. Shortly after Yanukovych’s overthrow and exile to Russia, pro-Russian unrest erupted in Ukraine’s eastern and southern regions. Simultaneously, unmarked Russian troops moved into Ukraine’s Crimea and took control of strategic positions and infrastructure, including government buildings. Russia soon annexed Crimea after a highly disputed Crimean status referendum. In April 2014, pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region proclaimed the establishment of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic with considerable but clandestine support from Russia. Ukrainian attempts in late 2014 to retake separatist-held areas were unsuccessful, leading to a protracted war in Donbas. Although Russia continued to deny involvement, Russian troops directly participated in the undeclared war. In February 2015, the Minsk II agreements were signed by both Russia and Ukraine in an attempt to end the conflict, but the agreements were never fully implemented in the years that followed. The war in Donbas settled into a violent but static conflict between Ukraine and Russian proxies, with frequent brief ceasefires but no lasting peace and few changes in territorial control.

Beginning in 2021, Russia built up a large military presence near its border with Ukraine, including from within neighbouring Belarus. Russian president Vladimir Putin criticized the enlargement of NATO and demanded that Ukraine be barred from ever joining the military alliance. He also expressed irredentist views and questioned Ukraine’s right to exist. On 21 February 2022, Russia officially recognized the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic as independent states. Three days later, Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine during a televised broadcast, marking the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The invasion was internationally condemned, leading to many countries to impose sanctions against Russia and ramping up existing sanctions. Russia abandoned an attempt to take Kyiv in early April 2022 amid fierce resistance. Ukrainian counteroffensives in the south and northeast have retaken significant areas since August. In late September, Russia announced its annexation of several parts of southern and eastern Ukraine, even though they were not fully occupied by Russian forces, drawing widespread condemnation. The ongoing full-scale war has resulted in a major refugee crisis and tens of thousands of deaths.

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