Unhyphenated America and OANN discuss: The Left is mad at Nicki Minaj for questioning the vaccine.

On Friday, 09/17/2021, Christopher Harris, Executive Director of Unhyphenated America, appears on the “Real America” show with Dan Ball on One America News (OAN) Network to discuss how The Left sent their attack dogs after Nicki Minaj for daring to question the vaccine.

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, known professionally as Nicki Minaj, didn’t come out against the vaccine, she simply relayed a story of a friend of a family member who suffered an adverse reaction that they attributed to him getting the vaccine…and that was enough to make her “Public Enemy #1” of The Left.

Mainstream (or Lame Stream) Media puppets Joy Reid and Don Lemon were the first of the big guns that The Left brought out to attack Nicki, because they knew if they sent one of their White attack dogs after her, they would have immediately been accused of “racism”. So they sent their favorite Quimbo out to bring her back to the plantation.

I’m wondering if their goal was to make her changer her name to “Toby”. If there is one thing that The Left hates, and cannot tolerate, it’s a Black person who dares to think, let alone publicly state, ANYTHING that goes against the way The Left wants Blacks to think and act.

We may not support the content of Ms. Minaj’s music. We may even find it reprehensible and certainly don’t want it played around children. However, we believe in Free Speech, and we will fight to the death for her right to Free Speech, especially to question The Left. The enemy of my enemy is my…



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