Trumps forced to launch an attack aimed at "overthrowing" Biden to regain the President

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  • Do you support Trump regaining President?

  • trump i think its time for you to make your stand theres a lot of patriots and dems and independent americans that are for you and want you to reclaim your rightful presidency that you rightfully won, tribunal military court is now needed to clean out the swamp get rid of all of them now

  • He's the only one who can get us back on track. Prove the voter fraud .

  • ID’s for vaccine but not for voting. Wonder why. Fraud that’s why.

  • Wow, who would have thought Joe Biden would SUCK!!!!

  • Biden opened them borders for a reason ✊ . Biden is going to raise OUR taxes high ( in hard times) . Everything is playing out worldwide just like the corruption. Everything is in the Bible ✊ . God isn’t finished with Trump .. Trump will prevail at some point , even if it’s 2024 , if we make it that far . This is Gods land , make no mistake . He is moving his earth , seasons are hard to tell , He’s putting a epidemic on His people , exposing the wickedness. A sandstorm 🤔 oh yeah . Get right with the Lord

  • Pathetic Pelocha !!!!!

  • It's no wonder our "higher power" wants to exterminate us. Step back and take a good look!

  • I still say biden harris and pelosi are bought by china

  • Pelosi gets stupider more that she speaks

  • Why doesn't Nancy send some of that rotten food that she's been feeding the national guard at the White House to those countries that are in trouble of the climate drought

  • This is So Obviously the MOST CRIMINAL ACTION TO US ALL! The ones I fear for are the children being literally bussed in and residents in near by towns!!! This is the MOST RIDICULOUS(FACADE)BATTLE that the Democrats and Republicans CONTINUE to KEEP PURSUING! If they would just GROW THE HECK UP AND DO THEIR JOB we could live peaceably! This Covid and Vaccines is FARSE! We are sick and tired of these LIES and MANIPULATION! GOD RULES SND YOU WILL ALL PAY THE PRICE IF YOU DONT FIGURE IT OUT! The influx is to COERCE people into fearfully accepting their VACCINE MONEY TRAIN! Who is doing this to these children? WHO IS BRINGING THEM IN BUSES!!! No they have film footage that they came in on BUSES!!! Absurd IMMATURE BEHAVIOR!

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