They're playing games with you | Joe Pinion

No, you are NOT crazy – politicians are playing games with your well-being, says Newsmax TV’s Joe Pinion.

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  • Need money, go get it from THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM FOLKS!!!

  • Debt is a Massive issue !!!!!!!

  • All of the western world countries are doing the same, bar only a few that the media hides from you. I guess by now all of Sweden has been killed by the virus since they rejected business closures, school closures and masks! Ohh wait, what? They are doing just fine?? But the media said…

  • Trump, is exposing how the democrats and GOP are all in the Washington swamp.

  • Just like the establishment to pay off other countries and help them get back better instead of their own citizens who have kept them in power for too long …no more!

  • ..they're taking away our Soap Box, the Ballot Box was rigged, they won't allow anyone into a Jury Box to judge these crimes of Treason and Graft. What box is left?

  • I don’t think I will pay taxes anymore.

  • It's simple, if I can't pay my bills and feed my own children dinner, I don't buy my neighbor's kids ice cream.

  • Democrats in the House want to give to foreign nations because these politicians are promised favor and money for doing this. It's for their so called New World Order. These politicians believe their necks will be saved after selling ours to enslavement and the war they are planning. Politicians get rich on wars. That's what blowing up the twin towers was all about.

  • The 2A is the ONLY Vaccine for the Communist dem virus.

  • Defund the media and has the debates on the Cartoon Network!

  • Americans so screwed. Never pay this debt off yet slowness down. So what is a dollar worth? My guess is 20 cents / Federal Note or if you want to call I 1 dollar. It’s not even a silver certificate anymore.

  • When is Newslax going to interview Raffensperger's "brother?"

  • Governmentcan kiss my A!

  • Yes, DEFUND politicians….they are the ones' being incentivized, to do nothing but talk! Sick of it! Each Americancould be millionnaires with all the money thry are sending and hsve been sending to foreign countries! They want us poor and barely making it. Those poloticians could care less about Making America Great Again!

  • Foreign aid is just a TINY fraction of the budget. We are NOT stupid. Give the people $2000 you CRIMNALS! Lock Mitch up!

  • It’s hard to tell who is more evil, Socialists Dems or spineless RINOS…

  • Mc Connell is going to lose his job to Shumer. Blocking the stimulus 2000 dollar checks is going to hurt the Republican party in the Georgia runoff. He's playing a bad hand and needs to fold.

  • it's called , psy-opps they give us hope, then take it away , over and over , same thing they're doing with covid , wear a mask , mask don't work, over and over , we are being brainwashed by confusion

  • DEFUND CONGRESS and go from there FBI 550 million are ya kidding for a new building….. we need GOVERNMENT RESTRUCTURING like yesterday…..CLEAN THIS CURRUPT SWAMP we call a GOVERNMENT…..they are destroying this country….ACCOUNTABILITY MUST BE HELD for TREASONOUS acts against we the AMERICAN PEOPLE….

  • Rhinos ! McConnell is. Liar and the the liars haven’t told you that they overridden the Pentagon’s leaders own requests to pass the defense bill. Stop the foreign aid , which is just money laundering and omit the clause that gives Big Tech and Big Media immunity. It’s Americans money , pay it to help Americans !

  • You say 1000/1000 you right they play game on American life all Americans remember that he is enemy all of your

  • Govt doesn't care where your money goes – it's not THEIR money!! 💸

  • The President, ("our President of the United States"), has just not only saved the United States Citizens, "(our family members)", but He, has saved the World also with this vaccine… We the People, and the World,( "THANK YOU President TRUMP)….

  • I've never been more disappointed by the GOP. I voted for Trump. I support Trump. Im done with the GOP. If they allow billions to foreign nations and can't agree on 2k to Americans, after the POTUS and Democrats approve it, I say screw the GOP! NEVER VOTING FOR ANY OF THEM. PERIOD.

  • I agree we the American people need the additional help through this difficult period! We’re the ones paying for it and our children later on but this spending on these ridiculous policies trying to pass to other countries are not our responsibility to bear!!!

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