The Joe Cozzo Show – We Have A Country To Save 8/13/21

We, as Americans, are losing this nation. Joe Biden is allowing illegal immigrants to cross the border and spread Covid throughout the country. And we have politicians, big business conglomerates, and Hollywood kissing up to China, while Republicans are doing nothing to stop it.

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  • Was the original video removed and reposted?

  • i like this guy and would watch more but his intro voice is without a doubt the single most irritating vocal sound i have ever heard.

  • You got my vote Joe!

  • No one is willing to do what must be done to save this nation. Even the so called "patriots" spend most of their time explaining why we "have to be better than they are", or they virtue signal about how they are not racists, they just love this country. None of them even see how pathetic that is. We have lost this nation. America lasted less than 300 years.

  • Republicans are pushing the same narrative as the democrats

  • President Joe Cozzo!

  • I want to save America count me in

  • Conservatives are just that. We are not violent people but the tipping point is drawing closer everyday. I think that’s what this administration wants. Remember at the end of Obama’s term we all thought he was going to call Marshal Law. He might just get his chance since this is his 3rd term. God bless America and all of us! 🙏🏼🇺🇸💔

  • We are no longer children but we still can hold our breath until we turn blue. SPEAK UP! See red for the future of our country.

  • They are stealing it because we the people are letting them… If we all stand up they can’t do anything….

  • This is god country and we will defend it

  • The Best AMERICA….
    JOE COZZO Show..Great Patriotic
    Program .. Thanks Joe 🎯⚖️

  • This movement is global and is happening here in Brazil as well. Conservatives are under attack.

  • I agree with you Joe, EVERYONE HAS TO STAND UP NOW.

  • They are pushing a race baiting war. They are pushing destruction of our country and total control over American citizens, martial law enforcement.

  • There are military being positioned in different areas of the country. What is going on.

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