Union worker who Biden berated speaks out

Jerry Wayne, a Michigan union worker who was caught in a viral squabble with then-candidate Joe Biden, where Biden called him ‘full of s—,’ speaks out to Newsmax TV’s Shaun Kraisman about the policies he sees the Biden administration rolling out. – via National Report, weekdays at 9AM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • concerning the biden economic : have you ever heard of a Biden Tower ?

  • It doesn't matter how we vote anymore. If we don't fix the voting problems, machines, id's, federal voting control, a Republican will never take another office.

  • This man is totally on point. Biden can't hold a rational conversation with anyone who disagrees with or challenges him with losing his temper. Faux Joe's claims of unity were/are as transparent as Hunter's crack pipe.

  • Joe supporters:😶
    Youtube: Censor*✋🛑

  • So so sad these #Democrats #Senate #BidenHarris has killed our country in 5 days ☹️ someone do something please!!!!

  • Impeach biden!!!!

  • You are not his peer. He is above all. They all are.

  • 45 was warning about 46 but still people never listened

  • How do all you stupid MFERS that voted for this lying, babbling old POS like your new JOBAMA !

  • I feel sorry for this man and all the union workers who voted for President Trump. If you voted for Biden, your getting what you deserve!

  • Majority of union members would jump off a bridge if their leader told them too. Majority of them dont think for themselves.

  • You people need to stop calling china joe president. That is a word he will never ever be. People vote you in as president not the media and dead voter's

  • I will never call Biden President he is illegitimate thug occupied WH .

  • If they don't represent you vote them out

  • International Union of operating engineers did not vote for Joe Biden I promise

  • Keep Faith in God. God is Faithful & he has already exposed the fruitless deeds of darkness. The Lord is Our portion & we will wait on him. Love Everyone Regardless! Offense, charge it to the devil. #JesusAlreadyWon!! #LiveReady!!

  • Joe is a punk, he thinks he’s a tough guy like Frank Sinatra thought he was, come on man…. I can see wanna be politicians before they open their mouth, fakers/actors! This factory worker is nobody’s fool! God bless them all! All true Americans 🇺🇸 not that crap in Washington.

  • So much money wasted with this stoppage. Workers, hope all goes well but under this slithering administration I doubt it.

  • Guys, go to your local legislature and demand that they do an audit of the election. You know they rigged it, demand the audit, 3 states are now doing it.

  • We told not to vote for this freak.

  • This worker is absolutely RIGHT. Biden is cutting Mining fracking and hundres of thpusands of jobs will be VANISHED. Like what Obama did. The Factories and Manufacturing will be leaving US to CHINA as of massive Tax Biden puts on them. Consequently, Americans will go out of Jobs!! God Bless President Trump.


  • So why do the STUPID unions back democrats ??????

  • Every network should play this on the 6pm local news.

  • The reps r in their pockets to

  • I am an union member and I never vote Democrat, NEVER!!! Democrats are liars, thieves and do not support organized labor. Don't believe me, just look back at what Bill Clinton and both houses of Congress controlled by the Democrats did to the unions in 1993 when they shoved NAFTA down our throats and destroyed thousands of union jobs. Bill laughed about it on the golf course when someone asked him about it. You will see how good union wages are when Biden and crew flood the country with illegals to steal your jobs! IT'S COMING!!

  • I want to feel bad for them, but then I remember that most of the unions voted blue
    so there u have what u voted for, probably next time you realize that when they say then wan equality, yes they do, everyone will be miserable, that’s your equality

  • Hope you guys didn't vote for the DINGBAT!

  • They' re going after every group, every state that voted for President Trump. Whether the FAKE results said BYEDONE won or not, they know. All his fake policies are geared toward decimating the economy and the citizens of those states.

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