The Joe Cozzo Show – The Pandemic Is About Money And Power 9/17/21

Biden wants the pandemic to continue. That’s why he keeps the Southern Border wide-open. He and the Democrats get to retain power over Americans and change the nation as they see fit.

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  • Joe is on a philosophical roll.

  • Oh I don’t get the munchies

  • He couldn’t stand guard to his mind? I can’t understand what he saying

  • God Bless you always Mr. Joe Cozzo
    Reading the title to this video only. I agree 100%! Since this thing started my neighbors stear clear from me because I never trusted the media on it since day one. But they are hell bent in thinking vaccines are cures and money talks.
    It makes me cry hard for real. 😭
    True Story Year: 1990
    I was placed into Straight Incorporated (Plymouth Michigan) it was part of the Drug-Free America campaign effort.
    I admit, I used to be heavy into a few things then.
    However, staff weasled my parents out of 80 thousand dollars and my mom was forced to have a 2nd mortgage on the house I grew up in. The place closed it's doors fully in 1993.
    We never sued because she felt it was gone for good It's damn hard to tear away from psychologists, doctors and anyone who thinks pills and prescription drugs are the answer, but I succeeded in 2018. Obviously these people don't believe in God or read the Bible.
    Today, my mom and daughter reside together 50 miles away from me.
    My only sister resides in Texas and I live in city which I never grew up in.
    Every day I miss home and nobody gives a flying rat's yank.
    Nobody gets younger and the truth is lost with believable lies. This is NOT the country I was born in anymore.
    Thank you for reading.📚
    Inside Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

  • Thanks Joe…God Bless You 🙏

  • Everything this administration is doing is upside down.

  • Reed the Christian Bibles soon as possible guy's.

  • I agreee with Joe Congratulations for a good job 🌷👋

  • A lot of those businesses only sell products here but have workers in China & other places. So alot need can & should be taxed. At least 1,000 bucks.

  • They got you again didn’t they Mr. Cozzo? Bastards

  • Hipocrit and poor people BLM. Bullshit BLM and the others. They hate white people and Christian's. Bad people are like Talibans and ISIS. Bidens lye. Don't inject poison in your body's to protected for C19

  • Wow. What an opening 🇺🇸💪

  • I heard if you work for FOX, you must be vaxed

  • You’re just now realizing that

  • You’re just now realizing that

  • Yeah, Even covid runs from nasty BLM terrorist. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Enough of the food advice. Netflix? Are you sure you didn't take a puff?

  • I know it by personal inspiration! We are governed by rootless arrogant, greedy, evil people!

  • What else did you think was it for?

  • Biden brings destruction and tragedies he belongs in a mental institution

  • Nonsense!!!

  • All talk it's CHEAP

  • Fyi…Tucker has stated that he is vaccinated.
    Several of the hosts, contributors on Fox have said the are.

  • My first time watching your show !!! &

  • Truth Bomb‼️ 💣💣Would anyone like some indisputable info on the poison dart? DIRECTLY from the FDA? Look up this YouTube video. It has no link. (Shocking I know)
    This is it:
    Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 9/17/21 It was dropped 13 hrs ago. OR, just search YouTube for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration channel. It’s the latest video. 👆🏼Just Listen for a couple minutes at 4hr 21 mins in 😉

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