The Joe Cozzo Show – Secession Is Inevitable 9/15/21

No matter how you slice it, the Democrats and Republicans will never see eye-to-eye. The differences are too extreme. One party wants to change America and its core values, and the other party wants to keep it.

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  • Why is Congress exempt from the vaccine mandate?

  • I predict, that sometime in the near future, our enemies will blow us up to smithereens, and NOT warn us ahead of time!! Because NOW we are the weakest country in the world!! Very SAD!!

  •……Del Rio is Collapsing, Traffic.

  • Polosi and Milley were scared after the 6th their insurrection and Treason with China to steal the election would be discovered and war would result.

  • We are about to sell everything get an rv and be on the move to wherever we need to be!

  • If the election fraud is not resolved, the Republican Party will not have any chance!

  • It does upset me

  • OMG where do I start?! Firstly, DJT was elected in 2016 by the electoral vote. He WAS NOT the winner of the popular vote. "We the People", (not me personally) actually voted for Hillary Clinton to be our President. He was "given" the win because unelected officials decided for us. Second, Milley stepped in because he felt that DJT was unstable and China was worried about an attack by the US. If he hadn't made those calls, China might have attacked us first in a preemptive strike. It was a matter of grave national security. Let me ask you a question: if the POTUS becomes psychologically unstable and the VP is unwilling to step in (purely for political reasons), should everyone around him ignore it? Do we put our nation and our people at risk and allow WW3 to happen simply because we don't want to "undermine" the POTUS?? Think about where we would be right now if China jumped the gun and bombed some of our major cities. Milley HAD to do something. He may have overstepped his bounds but he is not stupid, nor is he politically motivated, he felt it was his duty to PROTECT the USA. Mark Milley dedicated his entire life to the US Army. He became a General, then the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and then the Principal Military Advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council. He is the HIGHEST ranking military official in the country! Do you really expect people to believe that he "tipped off CNN"? Seriously?! He is NOT affiliated with the Democratic Party in any way.
    Perhaps you are right. Secession may be the only way out of this because as long as people like you are spreading this hate and division, we can't come together.
    No point in moving to California. That would be blue for blue. You won't fit in.

  • We can't continue to go on like this…we MUST succeed or we will lose this country. Joe is right

  • Never has the GOP been more spineless. My only logical conclusion is that they are complicit in the destruction of the country.

  • Agreed wholeheartedly with cessation! Amen Amen Amen.

  • Hong Kong police crushed anti-Communist movement bit the Chinese army. Let that sink in. As for the US military.. is led by anti-americans so expect them to crush you as well. Do not trust the military or the law dnfircent. Or the media or the politicians or anyone. In other words start drinking, is over hahahaha, self-hating whites did this world in.

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