The Kubera Principle

U.S. Military officers warn, however that defensive operations must not be passive.

Putin Doesn’t Just Want Ukraine But Hegemony Over All Of EuropeF

No, the CIA is not running training programs in Ukraine

Putin Doesn’t Just Want Ukraine But Hegemony Over All Of Europe

NEW YORK ( — The Russian military analysts are correct in predicting the West’s overall reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. Whatever the reasons, they are very wrong in predicting the Ukrainian reaction. Instead of rolling over and allowing the Kremlin to take over their country, the Ukrainians will fight back with a vengeance. But there were also other politicians who take a more realistic account of the Ukraine situation, and this Rich TVX News Network bulletin will reveal information about Russia’s actual policies. High walls separate Moscow’ Red Square from the Kremlin. It is important to remember, however, that the government of the Russian Federation is run from behind the high walls of a fortress built in Moscow in the Middle Ages. For many years, this citadel, called the Kremlin, is wrapped with another kind of wall. A wall of mystery, secrecy, rumors, and disinformation. All that said, this faceless men called siloviki, literally translated as “people of force” or “strongmen”, behind those walls have the power to arrest, torture, and even kill whomever they chose. These men could also unleash atomic bombs that could annihilate the world. Despite this frightening assessment, however, most of the 144,1 million people living in Russia do not even know the name of these men.

The U.S. Is The World’s Foremost Economic And Military Power

The 2022 Beijing Olympics Are Less Than A Month Away

Raw intelligence is reportedly analysed and disseminated to the Russian leadership by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), but the change in Russia´s foreign policy is occurring on yet another level, and western analysts had good reason to be cautious. In addition, the new German foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, sought to reassure a nervous Ukraine that she will not allow Germany to compromise on the basic principles of Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty when she meets the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, in Moscow for the first time — though not new, Annalena Baerbock said Moscow, which has massed troops on Ukraine’s borders, would suffer if it launched an attack. Of course someone else sees things differently, as the 2022 Beijing Olympics are less than a month away, scheduled to begin before a live broadcast of the opening ceremony on Friday, February 4. Thus it was probably no coincidence that Belarus’ dictator Alexander Lukashenko announced that his country and its close ally Russia will stage joint military exercises near NATO’s eastern borders and Ukraine in February. Lukashenko and his top brass disclosed details of the so-called “Allied Resolve” drills amid high tensions over Russia’s troop build – up near the border with Ukraine. He charged the United States with active war preparations and called for great vigilance. However, there emerged an increasing congruence between declaratory and actual policy under the Putin leadership. The FSB is the principal security agency of Russia a is the primary agency responsible for supplying the Kremlin with political intelligence, but reports that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is running training programs to prepare Ukrainian forces for unconventional warfare are simply not true.

Spectre Of New Cold War Puts World On Edge

Propaganda is repeated, but bias can entail manipulation in the analysis or reporting of findings. Selective or distorted reporting is a typical form of such bias. A tranche of allegations recently published in the fake ever-untrustworthy mainstream media, claims that the CIA has been, since many years, conducting training for select Ukrainian military and security personnel, which is incredible nonsense. There are currently 16 intelligence agencies in the U.S. government, although other agencies sometimes carry out intelligence-related tasks. The political-military picture in the United States is thus very complex, do you really think that the CIA has nothing better to do than that? Well, reports that Putin doesn’t just want Ukraine but Hegemony over all of Europe are lies fabricated by the New World Order globalists, which urgently need a fratricidal war in Ukraine. While making broad use of its vast propaganda apparatus, the NWO globalists enlisted news agencies to carry out numerous disinformation activities that enhanced the overt propaganda campaign. Conversations about how far the United States would go to subvert Russia in the event of an invasion have revived the spectre of a new Cold War. There will be further U.S. defensive military support for Ukraine. The United States of America is currently the only global military power, and there need to be some efforts to reduce the military confrontation in Ukraine. U.S. Military officers warn, however that defensive operations must not be passive. Thus, military manpower policy now stands at the very center. When a superpower is involved, arms transfers inevitably acquire a significance far beyond commerce alone, as both countries have enough nuclear firepower to reduce the world to dust, but fear of a nuclear war will not stop the U.S. from helping Ukraine.

The United States Of America Is Currently The Only Global Military Power

U.S. Military Officers Warn, However That Defensive Operations Must Not Be Passive

The Continuation Of War By Other Means

The Kremlin played up its interest in progress in various negotiations, particularly on security issues, while seeking to portray the United States as completely unforthcoming in the bilateral Geneva talks, but a well-placed Russian analyst in Moscow claimed the moratorium was not a precondition and could be discussed at the start of new talks. Although Vladimir Putin thus still acknowledged concern over NATO’s “Expansion to the East,” NATO has never promised Russia not to expand eastwards. The supposed existence of such an agreement is based on informal conversations. Nevertheless, Putin´s emphatic reassurance of Russia´s strength, however, suggested lingering scepticism in some circles. Thus, our mission must be to press the search for mutual advantage. Where we find Russia´s agreement, we’ll both be better off. Where we meet Russian resistance, we’ll know that we have to redouble our efforts so that Moscow practices. By acting realistically to engage Moscow in the search for mutual interests, we can seize the opportunities inherent in Russia´s foreign policy. The United States of America is the world’s foremost economic and military power. The word “detente” is defined in the U.S. as “a relaxation of tensions.” The official Russian propaganda dictionary, however, describes “detente” as a “strengthening of the position of Russia for fighting American imperialism,” even the Kremlin considers detente, “the continuation of war by other means.”