The Joe Cozzo Show – The Biden Administration: Mask Up and Shut Up 7/22/21

We hear a lot of new information about Covid cases lately. LA County wants people to mask up even if vaccinated. Republicans are encouraging people more than ever to get the shot. But what are the numbers telling us?

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  • I'll risk getting covid. I'm not getting jabbed. The chances of me getting it or spreading it are ♾ small and not worth the time even spent thinking about it. The response to the coof has been the largest fraud committed against humanity.

  • freedom turn into Marxist racist THIS IS THE.insane direction we're going. ALL FOR POWER AND CONTROL.

  • The non vaccinate don't need it if everyone else is .lol unless the vaccinated are carriers of covid and spread it. lol

  • They will never convince me to take the shot!! God gave me an immune system, and they aren't going to taint it with their poison!! ♥

  • That's not true. You should know the facts right? Many vaccinated ppl ARE GETTIÑG COVID. Texas State Congressional ppl who went to D.C. The collapse of the bldg in Florida many high-ups were all vax'd and they tested pos. For COVID. Not becuz of the antiBodies from vax they actually had covid, flu symptoms and were quarantined. I personally know ppl who this has happened too. CDC came out saying, NOT 85% Effective, now it's 65% so why are they trying to even say a 3rd booster possibly? Known from beg. Something not right! No the American public know something is going on and it's not good. Also more deaths actually from vac than the actual covid!!! Facts. Please research better.

  • The government has forgotten that “We The People” are the highest most powerful form of government in the United States of America. Protected by the highest laws of the land. This is a blatant misuse of power to steal the power from the people and by law that is a crime that can only be paid for in blood.

  • China releases a virus and the free world pays the price with our freedoms god given rights our right to praise god in his home our constitutional rights our culture our voice our financial security. China must pay for their crimes on humanity. It is inevitable.

  • They are trying to force these vaccines on people for a reason they want everyone to put their faith , lives and futures in government before god it is a direct attack on our religion and our relationships with god. Government doesn’t want to come after god so they will use fear to trick you in to putting government before god.

  • President Trump our commander and chief said many times the vax💉was for emergency only … this bio-weapon is A big Pharma Buss!

  • Hey Joe Cozzo, you should've run for office quite some time ago, so you could run for President ahead of Joe Biden to stop him! Joe Biden's a dirty, rotten, filthy, evil, good for nothing poopface!

  • Propaganda.

  • Are you aware of event 201? In September 2019 they did a mock run of kungflu being plan demic. Hopkins news . How? Because they made the illness. And had bite ready.

  • The corr upt cee dee cee said only 6500 died of only it in usa. Everyone else had 2 or more comorbidities. They said this as they say people are dieing and they just don't care. They show people sitting or standing in line for bite. Numerous people had to be carried out or showed horrible side effects. They still stay in line. I've actually gone up to people. My husband says im m going to get shot. Cant help it. The total deaths in 2019 are the same as 2020!!!! They counted deaths like car accidents but if positive, why are they testing, and you died of kungfu. They just want poison in us. Period. In uk they call them clot shot.

  • Good Show Joe 🇱🇷❤

  • Fauci used our tax dollars to pay for the covid-19, fauci has alot of blood on his hands. And biden is involved, and is trying to shut down America, he already said it, what better way than to use covid, and the people crossing the border has covid, and biden is being a super spreader by transferring illegal immigrants to all the states.

  • Joy Ried makes me want to 🤮

  • They always say cases. But test wasn't invented for this at all. They amplify then test. They,ceven Ron desantis, is after the agenda 21 and agenda 2030. They get to pass all these laws giving out all this money when things are shut down. This is about the biggest transfer of wealth ever. Dick durbin just said. Millions have died from bite. We may never know the true amount. Hundreds of thousands in usa. The mayor if Sydney Australia said people are dieing from bite and Jen pstinky house press said yes under 27 can die from bite. People are under a spell. This illness has cured almost all other types of death. The flu is gone. Kids have no business wearing them. The plan is permanent lockdowns. Australia uk and Canada are testing permanent lockdowns. Australia has 112 cases for millions and are on 5th lock down. I wish people would wake up.

  • Its not fda approved

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