The Joe Cozzo Show – Are Covid Hospitalization Numbers Misleading? 9/14/21

The Atlantic exposes hospitals and the U.S. Government for misleading the public on hospitalizations for COVID. Also, Senators have at it with Anthony Blinken, but it’s all political theater, and Republicans will do nothing.

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  • Hang the treasonous court !

  • Yes they are misleading ! Also they are saying the hospitals are full of unvaccinated with covid but it's not true !! It's all the vaccinated testing positive for covid !! It is more vaccinated than unvaccinated. I am in healthcare and I see first hand what is going on .

  • You mean the numbers aren’t true ? Oh my!!!

  • Lol I like the direct entry to the show as it is .

  • I don’t trust the Dems, if they are talking then they are telling lies.

  • Nicki Minaj totally agree with you more researches needs to be done🇺🇸

  • Local newspaper says hospitals overflowing.drove by local hospital Sunday late morning,5 cars in parking lot.

  • The lie That China sold and that the world bought. The numbers have been fudged from the start. At present the response to the illness is what the illness is. I see it rendered down, to a mental illness driven by fear. By now nCov19 has mutated into something else, seasonal flu or other maladies that end very sick peoples lives. Few if any are dying from the disease itself. It appears treatment and inherent dangers of hospitalization, are a greater danger that the nCov itself. It is all looking like the story of Chicken Little and the sky is falling. The reaction to nCov19 is the greatest symptom of nCov19 at this point. That is until a new release is moved forward.

  • Your intro is to abrupt but love your show

  • Thank you Joe

  • Come on they cheating on those machines in some are of Cali before HRC

  • Who else was suspicious from the beginning of covid?

  • Two hospitals here in northern Idaho, ghost town. But yet they say Little is telling hospitals to ration health care. And Spokane Wa is touting how they are taking all of Northern Idaho's sick. I call BS!!! Spokane has been Gas lighting northern ID for weeks now. I say to Spokane, stay in your own state and when inslee orders you to stay home, that means stay put of ID! We don't want you.

  • I'm on it and it is as evil as HELL.
    Don't worry be happy.

  • God's army is awake and we are ready for the fight we are not taking Lucifer gene

  • What would we do without the "fact checkers" helping us on every video we choose to watch ? Longing for original YouTube.

  • GHWBUSH was the instigator of 911. Planned by him

  • 150 million vaxed in USA. Spreading spike protein for Delta

  • The cheese is old and moldy.

  • Clintons, Obama, George HW Bush all these people are brothers from the skulls and bones secret society.

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