One America News 7AM 1/17/21 | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 7AM Dec 17, 2021

#Foxnews #Newsmax #OAN
One America News 7AM 1/17/21 | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 7AM Dec 17, 2021


DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • A little to late

  • Fake Trump Propaganda

  • Impeachment ? Again ? Rather than working on real matters of importance ! Example China Flu Situation. Term limits like the military !
    20 YEARS IN & OUT ! RETIRE ! Unity ? Most likely Never ! Big Tech ? Military & VETS watch out the RATS are in power again, Cuts ? $

  • WTF
    I can't believe that they care that much after letting riots going on for months!
    WoW the hipugrets on the LEFT!
    Storm troopers have lost their minds!
    Government agencies and officials kept everyone on edge until now!

  • Why does the military condone this?

  • Donald Trump is the best president the United States has ever had. I can't wait to see how Gods will to be done in this whole situation.

  • Thank you for going after the democrats

  • These republicans were Democrats all of the time. Their days are done. These ten snakes want to be like the Swamp maybe they are already part of the Swamp

  • This woman has no conscience her laptop is missing and her evil has spiked.

  • Biden shouldn't be president

  • Pelosi you don't know what truth and Trust is

  • Why isn't all countries at war with Chinese government, they've killed more people with viruses then any war in history…

  • So what happened to OAN? Why this chanel using their clips?

  • How does the Pence show their faces🤷‍♀️

  • Trump is and will be the President of United States.👍🇨🇦

  • See 35:00…….What on earth is wrong with us, that evidence is in hand of fraudulent vote counting and they may not finish investigating it until after January 20th ?

  • They lying on Biden trump did that so his family to make money rich peoples fighting for their money because they being get rich off of poor peoples and middle class Biden about to fit this country trump not doing anything but playing golf he want to take plain that Biden doing Biden win the elections so let it be

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