FULL SPEECH: Larry Elder’s 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election Speech 9/14/21

For those involved it’s been a long road in regards to the recall efforts for CA Governor Gavin Newsom. What started out as a grass roots statewide signature campaign has come down to this. It’s election night in California. Join RSBN as we are live from the Larry Elder Campaign watch party in Orange County.

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  • He'd better check with the CIA (Communism Infiltrating America) before he announces that we will win the war. I think he'd better check with Beijing.

  • Public arrest in Torrance of criminal found with hundreds of ballots in car, poll precinct telling entering voters they had already voted, proven manipulative voting machines, inside reported corrupt voter registration methods, inflated voter rolls exceeding qualified registered voters, remote print ballots, remote drop boxes, CA Sec of State still refuses to investigate 2020 corruption, many more, how much time do you have … etc.

  • CIA (Communism Infiltrating America) decided to keep Newsome. Makes sense since the Communist Party (in China) wants to take down America.

  • November 2020 ………. 2.0 !!!
    You got cheated which is not uncommon, we all know that the Democrats can’t win without election fraud ‼️

  • And then you will see who really won

  • We all need to stand and be able to walk in and vote throw all the valids away let us walk in and let us vote

  • Our president on 2020 was rigged in the swing States it is only obvious and it shows already what they've already proven in the audin the audience the democrats are thieves and they also stole in California on the recall they are cheating with the ballots

  • <—- And California just lost another citizen. Moving out of the state in January. California officially died on Sept 14, 2021.

  • Keep doing and standing for FREEDOM!! GOD BLESS YOU Larry and all the team that opened more eyes!!! United we will win this war!!

  • Larry Elder is deep state he made a deal with threesome they are all the same cabal

  • We can say all these nice platitudes on all these politicians or wannabees but remember..we don't really know them . all we can do is trust God on that gut feeling..I hate making decisions myself.🤔

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