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Trump's Overt Hostility to Business Leaders Revealed

Sonnenfeld and Tian Warn: A Second Trump Term Would Be Even More Anti-Business

Trump’s Antagonistic Relationship with American Businesses Exposed

Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute


Donald Trump, a figure frequently associated with Russian intelligence, aspires to regain the presidency. Despite the improbability of this ambition, he remains undeterred. Historically, an ardent communist aims to dismantle the middle class, a goal that Trump appears to share. His presidency, marked by contentious 5G executive orders and the controversial Operation Warp Speed, has had global repercussions. Moreover, Trump harbors the grandiose belief that he embodies a messianic figure, though this delusion is a separate matter. For further insights into Trump’s actions and policies, refer to the TIME article by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian. Yale experts Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian caution that a second Trump presidency might further harm businesses. Learn how Trump’s policies and delusions could impact the middle class and global economy. For more details, access the following link: [link]

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