RSBN Exclusive: Donald Trump Jr. on Afghanistan Crisis – Interview at Texas Youth Summit 2021

RSBN Exclusive: Donald Trump Jr. on Afghanistan Crisis – Interview at Texas Youth Summit 2021

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  • ❤️🤍💙America and the American people need President Trump back to the White House ❤️🤍💙🙏🏼❤️🤍💙

  • His speech was absolutely embarssing. He took cocaine (he always does that), you could see that. He doesn't care about jesus and the bible, he just fools all the riligious people like his father by saying what they want to hear to get their votes. And you all know that but u just don't care!

  • Greatest president ever!!!! everything woke goes to s***.


  • We love Donald Trump Jr and the whole family! I pray for the American soldiers and Christians left in Afghanistan! God bless President Trump and his loved ones in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ!

  • What an awesome guy 🇺🇸

  • Interesting choice of word from Donald jr, "American are going to learn the hard way" sounds like red lines will be crossed! Stay safe Patriots

  • Happy to see real people are shaking hands again…

  • Peace and blessings to the rightside… thank yall and God bless yall…

  • If the rich ReTrumplicans would just lay off the donor-funded cocaine and stop speaking in tongues, their world would be a very silent place unable to deflect, deny, and direct blame elsewhere.

  • I wish people will learn the hard way as Trump Jr says, but I am afraid that people will not learned but will adjust and keep taking and taking for years to come…like socialist/ communist countries. I am afraid America very slowly without noticing will turn into socialist/ communist countries. That exactly what China, Russia and some others are waiting for because then it would be easier to destroy us. I love America! I love freedom! This is why I came to America! I will pray that our kids and grandkids will not go through through these rough times throughout their lives. Please God helps us!

  • We need a military coup on the US Government

  • Biden and Harris are dangerous!! Impeached now!!

  • One day President Donald Trump Jr

  • Impeach the Rhinos too..especially Lyndsey Graham, Pelosi! And don't stop there. The've committed countless crimes against humanity. Where is our JUSTICE!?

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