OANN has a WEIRD DISCLAIMER on MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Election Special….

OAN says Mike Lindell claims are not Established Facts….

2 seconds later…..MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell: ABSOLUTE PROOF!!!!

This is weird…..OAN is stuck between being SUED and Trump Followers

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  • After watching this video I am absolutely furious at the facsocialist fraternal corp-ocracy of wall street (for their "fixing" of elections and putting whomever they damn well please into office through bribery and monetary and political manipulations – see: https://tinyurl.com/tygiok0y ). Trump, the only REAL president since Reagan, was able to be elected on his OWN patriotic terms because he had his OWN money… they allowed Reagan to continue ONLY because they pressured him to choose the corporocrat BUSH as his running mate.


  • We are seeing a whole lot of people regretting voting for Biden on Twitter lately. 😉

  • Just watched it – this is no lie, my google dongle would not play it. Watched it through his website. I for one believe it. You hear that Google?
    Do yourselves a favour, make your own mind up.
    If it's a lie, it's a damn good one. Why is everyone so afraid of hearing what he's got to say? And let's see them serve those lawsuits- he'd have a field day presenting his evidence. Remember, civil law is only on the balance of probabilities.

  • You are extremely naive, are in desperate denial or a flat out liar if you claim we had a legitimate election. Look at the facts. Don’t buy into the deceit and falsehoods propagated by the corrupt media and those who formed a coup against our country and we the American people. Do not align yourself to those who fight against God and his people. The desperate attempt of these wolves in sheep’s clothing to censure the American people and throw the term “conspiracy theory” around casually so that we should conclude and take for granted that there’s no such thing as a conspiracy? And these arduous efforts to silence dissent and undermine the cause of liberty and freedom from tyranny and to keep people from the truth and in blindness and confusion and division to meet their own selfish and heinous ends at the expense of all should by now make it blatantly obvious to all that these people are on the side of the devil the father of all lies and the devil does not support his own. The purported deadliness of the virus, the enforcement of wearing masks, the fear, the greed, the hatred are just tools to further enslave and subjugate mankind that they might be scattered and then corralled as sheep for the slaughter. When men side with evil to lie and sin, they sin not only against God and man but against themselves. And all men will reap what they sow in the day of judgment and no one is exempt from these judgments of God. Yet he forgives and welcomes in love and mercy all who pray to him and seek him out, to draw near to him, acknowledging their sin and showing remorse, ask forgiveness and turn from their wicked ways relying on Jesus Christ the son of God to redeem and justify them through his merits and mercy and it is only through Jesus that men can be made clean from the blood and sins of this generation through faithfulness to him. Know whose side you are on and stand still and see the salvation of God.
    God still says today:
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • Mike Lindell is an amazing person!

  • Maybe moving forward, you can consider objectively weighing an opposing opinion, it's called critical thinking or considering the other side of an argument based on its merits. Ever hear of it?

  • Thank you for pointing out what a "Great American Hero" Mike Lindell is ! !

  • " Three things can not long remain hidden , the Sun , the Moon and the Truth . " – Buddhist saying . Disclaimers , censorship , NOTHING can stop the truth from eventually being revealed . Personally , I view myself as a baseball umpire , a ball is a ball , a strike is a strike . People have a Right to SEE Mr. Lindell's Video and decide for themselves. Any efforts to shut him down simply give credence to his argument .

  • anyone belittling Mike Lindell's hard work and self payed documentary to increase the quality of YOUR life as his is FINE is a LIAR and LOSER in AMERICA and SHOULD MOVE TO A COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST COUNTRY FOR LOSERS

  • Election fraud is nothing new to America. If you "identify" as a Democrat/Liberal/Progressive you already know this. You voted for Hillary and got stuck with Obama. You voted for Bernie and got stuck with Hillary. Just those two examples should be a wake up call for you. Do you think that anybody who is conservative/Republican wanted Bush Jr.? What about "Mom Jeans" Mitt Romney? Or how about "Turtleman" John McCain? What IS new is the scale of fraud and exactly how it was carried out in 2020. Our election was hijacked through cyberattacks from other countries. What YOU need to know is that IF this is allowed to be swept under the rug, we as Americans need not ever vote again. No matter which side you stand on, or what you believe, your voice through your vote will never be heard again. Now if your okay with somebody else choosing your leaders for you and you don't care what kind of country you live in, then ignore this because you are all set. Just know that the laws they make will only affect you. You will have no Bill of Rights and no Constitution to fall back on as these things by this past election are rendered Null and Void. If you do love your country and want to take part in how it is ran and the policies that change our lives, you need to demand protection of our votes and call out those who would have you believe that everything has been "debunked" or that everyone else are cultists and just plain crazy conspiracy theorists. It will take ALL of us to get this done, you may lean left or you may lean right but at the end of the day We Are All Americans and we should stand up for one another as a nation. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. What should really be jumping out at you right now is the effort to kill any useful information that might be out there for you by telling you "HOW" to think. This is a "quasi" documentary with "baseless claims" about "debunked" and "unfounded claims" of election fraud that has "zero evidence" from "pitchman" and "staunch Trump supporter" Mike Lindell which should be viewed as "opinions only" and not intended to be taken or "interpreted by the viewer" as established facts. So do yourself a favor and go to bitchute and look for "Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof Documentary – Only the Important Part" that way you don't have to sit through the entire video to get to the meat. Don't be one of the willfully ignorant Americans, and there are legions, think for yourself. I would not call myself a Trump supporter, but as a veteran I do support our Constitution and our right to vote. Both of these things are under duress at this time. One of your biggest concerns should be why and where is the FBI, CIA and other entities who are "supposed" to be protecting Americans?
    Thumbs up 64 Thumbs down 160 1:20pm 2-6-21

  • Hey buddy do d you get a check from CCP
    MIKE isn’t scared of dominion law suits
    Like a thief on video oh no that’s not me .
    Your an idiot guy

  • Simkha..
    Don't talk about the disclaimer…kindly talk Hunter Biden's laptop so you will get lots of likes, that's my advice🤣

  • DemoncTards, Big Tech, and MSM are terrified now.
    Mike Lindell is great and brave putting out the proofs of 2020 election.
    Where's Hunter Biden's laptop?
    Should be out too?

  • That’s not weird. It happens on cnn all the time after hours on public advertising
    You are not a very intelligent person ..I feel stupider for having listened to you

  • I'll bet you didn't watch the video, did you. You're here just to insult Lindell. That's ok, you have that right.
    The problem is this: If you did not watch the video you can't know what was presented in the video. Therefore you speak out of ignorance (ignorance of what is in the video).
    Can you debunk even one thing in the video? Can you even name the main evidence presented?

    Go ahead, I'm waiting……..

  • I believe in Mike Lindell, stop making fun of him!

  • We no longer have Freedom of Speech. He does have to put it on a CD so all people can see it.

  • The video shows evidence of the Cyber Warfare attack on the election by China and other nations. The suppression of this evidence by agencies, that Americans are supposed to rely on, is troubling and points to a very deep and wide scale corruption. Use duckduckgo to search and go to Mike's Lindell's own website or Rumble or BitChute to view the video yourselves. Don't rely on Talking Heads or Agencies to know The Truth.

  • DID you watch it? HE HAS THE PRINTED SHEETS FROM THE MACHINES . This country is screwed because of people like you. Instead of watching the data presented you pretend it didn't. Why is everyone taking it down? We are being censured everyday.

  • It always amazes me how the media tries to spread lies. Four years of Russia collusion conspiracy and not once did the media respond to fake news. The harder you try to suppress free speach the harder people look for the truth

  • Lastly, you can only talk about the disclaimer…
    Are you talking about the
    100% evidence that it did show… cricket cricket

  • The only joke is you.

  • LOL @ right-wingers

  • But… we will gladly take any and all benefits if this vid happens to take off and make a LOT OF MONEY 🤥😬🙄

  • So instead of people listening to the experts in the video they are making fun of Mike. He just put it together to present the others.

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