Roland Says If Voters Listen To & Believe Fox News, Oann, Tucker & Their Ilk – "You Are A Dumbass"

Roland made it plain and simple on Thursday, saying if you are one of these voters who listen to and believe the lies that come out of Fox News, Oann, Tucker Carlson and their ilk, “You are a dumbass”.

Nuff said … #PressPlay

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  • Conveniently misguided

  • Roland is right

  • Say it loud for the black people that are helping to spread the lie by saying they think CRT should be talked in the schools. CRT is not a thing people.

  • People whom, you really do not know all of a sudden start talking to you differently than the people in your circle,, such as parents, relatives, the minister, about politics, voting, talk to someone you know adults, before you cast or promise your vote, very important, its about equality, thanks!!

  • Sis dress professional this isn't a stripper club or girls night out.

  • Donate to the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey International Leadership Academy Hidden History Museum

  • Roland Sassy Martin that applies to you also ✌🏿

  • Roland you lie and lie on purpose. Watch how you goofs lose the congress. The border is a mess and Kamala is shiftless

  • Preach Uncle Roland preach the word and AND SHAME THESE RIGHT WING RACE BAITING 👿 ! On your show you prove your point when these so-called right-wing black conservatives comes on your show they don't come correct and you correct them because they are wrong because they following the same propaganda lie that they listen to Tucker Carlson Sean hannity Laura ingraham and especially black conservatives like Candice Owens who got her tailed whip by ANGRY HATEFUL blonde Karen Tomi Lahern remember she told Candice that if you bring Kanye West to the Republican Party because of her Bexit scam saying that Kanye is with her and Kanye dumped her as soon as his brand was dropping because he was associated with Trump and Candice then Tomi badmouth Candice and put her in her place about race baiting hustlers that are antagonists to their viewers to start angry rage against minorities who do not agree with their type of 🤔 even the so-called evangelicals who Don't preach the word but preach the propaganda especially about critical race theories saying that it doesn't exist you being used by the Democrat Party and yet their heart is full of hate but they love the Lord God don't love ugly and he don't like being deceived ! Especially if Candice Owens will never come on your show cuz you were correct her and they would be embarrassed and they will kick Candice out of the conservative party ! Because she knows she can't handle the truth ! # How can you be civil If you don't have common sense ?

  • Interesting headline. Seems stupid. Why wouldn’t I believe the racist news networks. They tell us they’re racists. I believe them.

    By contrast. Seems if you believe the dems love you, you’re really a dumb ass!!

  • Dont forget Mr. 4 million dollars a year Don Lemons who sit on cnn and act like he really for black people but he go home to his white zaddy.

  • If Roland let conservative guests talk, then he would be out of a job.

  • Hey Roland what going on in Arizona with the audit??? The truth GETTING READY TO COME OUT about voting fraud… tell us about that since the DNC used us black folk to do the dirty work. Like you


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