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  • IMPORTANT INFO FOR ALL PATRIOTS… Sinister democrats have weaponized their illegal alien invasion against republicans. They are relocating illegal aliens to conservative areas to over burden & wreck their economy. Then ultimately dilute conservative voter rolls by granting amnesty to illegals. This policy is a democrat anti-American plan not their mismanagement.

  • Unless you have been living under a rock since the escalator announcement from Trump…………OR……………… are simply a rabid "TRUMP HATER" no matter what proof you see or hear otherwise, then it is utterly transparent (like night and day) just what the Biden justice department and the democrats are up to in their latest bag of deceit and lies. But, if you understand the reasoning behind it all, then you just laugh rather than getting all bent out of shape. The truth of the matter is this. The Democrats are "literally" deathly afraid that Donald J. Trump is coming back in 2024 (if not sooner). Pelosi and her sick and twisted colleagues will resort to "ANYTHING" to stop this from happening and NOW (they finally realize) that the ONLY WAY to stop this Trump avalanche is to cook up bogus legal or criminal charges against anyone associated with him………………….period, end of story. Guiliani is one such example. Compare what he has NOT been indicted or charged to a couple of Brooklyn lawyers who have been "arrested and charged" with CRIMINAL OFFENSES in relations to the BLM riots in NYC months ago. That's right folks, these two lawyers were ARRESTED AND CHARGED. And yet, neither one of them have been forbidden to continue to practice law. Rudy has NOT been arrested or charged and yet, the state of NY saw to it that he cannot practice law anymore in that state. If THAT is NOT political, then can someone define just what would be????????????????? Getting back to Trump…………the democrats only get away with shit because the REPUBLICANS let them get away with it. When is the last time (or even the FIRST TIME) you saw a MAJORITY of republicans storm into the House of representatives and caused such a bru haha that the democrats "backed down" from their antics?????????????????? Trump should have the entire republican party up in arms over what is "clearly" being done to him. It is a disgrace how he is treated and yet, very few republicans are standing up and declaring "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". 90% OF THE ENTIRE DEMOCRAT PARTY SHOULD ALL BE IN JAIL FOR THEIR PAST OFFENSES AGAINST THIS MAN AND 90% OF EVERY SINGLE MEDIA PERSONALITY SHOULD BE ROTTING IN JAIL RIGHT ALONGSIDE OF THEM. It is NO WONDER that the majority of the American people now believe the DOJ and FBI is a complete joke. They are NOTHING MORE than weaponized arms of the Biden administration and even while Trump WAS President, they were both weaponized arms of the deep state which (by the way) is FILLED with BOTH democrats and republicans. The "border" is a "complete joke" as well.


    The story about the WMD's that the Globalist Democrat Facist Nazi's have put into play in order to Destroy and Overthrow the United States Of America… …
    The Thought Bomb
    Overthrowing the USA thru Indoctrination is an Illegal / Unconstitutional Act Punishable By Death on the grounds of Treason…
    Dissemination Explosion
    The Obamanation's Unconstitutional/Illegal Law that legalized a National Propaganda Network… You know them as the Lame Stream Media… Again, the purpose being to Overthrow the USA… Again, Treason Punishable by Death… …
    Cannon Fodder
    The Illegal/Unconstitutional formation of a Private Marxist Army made up of Street Gangsters and Mobs… You know them as the BLyingMilitants/ANTIF"'U"/LOST RAZA/BATerrorN/ETC… Their orders are to Overthrow the nation leaving behind a Scorched Earth while Murdering innocent bystanders to induce fear into the nations meek… Once again, High Treason Punishable By Death… …
    Expendable Elites
    It's Standard Operating Procedure to clear the Stone's and Stumps as well as all the Tall Green Trees when clearing Tera Firma for a new crop of Lord's and Serfs… …
    The Stone's are the Masses the Stumps are the Cannon Fodder… The Tall Green Trees are the Politicians, Beaurocrats and Judges who help Overthrow the Last Bastion of Liberty… None of those mentioned will be necessary in the New World Order as all laws will be Instituted and enforced by the Corporate Robber Barron's, aka, My Lord…
    Simply stated, all Demoncrats in Societal and Cultural Management will be EXTERMINATED as the Executive Cannon Fodder will be OBSOLETE once all Rightiousness becomes Extinct… No need to worry about Treason at this point… …

    Share World Wide Daily….



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  • For over 100 years the Republican Party receives monies from Big Ag. And in turn, the Republican Party guarantees Big Ag open borders. That's why we don't have a border. Playing politics.

  • Joe Biden wants Americans to pay Mexico rent for the border

  • Thank you Chris Farrell

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