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AT&T: making the connection between sedition, oppression, and white nationalism.


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  • Go figure, more corporate greed, and willing to aid and abet the terrorist network OAN. Pathetic.

  • Wow didn't know AT&T is right there with Facebook. Seriously eff this co. Thanks Lincoln Project as always 👍

  • ATT is by far the most crooked company in recent times. I remember paying 90$ a month for 500 text messages and 10c extra per message if I went over back in 2013. Wasn't even unlimited data, it was capped. The CEO should be ashamed!

  • Great job Lincoln Project for exposing this conglomerate. Happy I dont use or need their service. Must go Prime Time. Thanks again for the heads up!

  • Love my ATT even more now!

  • Brilliant! Keep it up, guys..let's hold these companies funding the destruction of our country accountable!

  • Dropping AT&T, mobile and internet service.
    Would come back in the future, only if they (att) publicly denounce and fire their internsl sob's who decided it's a good idea to support domestic terrorist, white nationalist and that sort of crap.

  • My cell provider offers AT&T (American Telephone and Terrorism) and T-Mobile. Guess I'm switching to T-Mobile!

  • This was great!!!!

  • Alright, I am back in guys – will be donating again. Shocking stuff about ATT

  • I had cellular service from at&t years ago because it was the only provider in my area. Times have changed.

  • If I had AT&T, I would cancel and switch. If you have it and are planning to do that like and reply to this comment.


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