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Richard Steiner meets Semir Osmanagić in Visoko, Bosnia

The Bosnian Pyramid Phenomenon

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Richard Steiner meets Semir Osmanagić in Visoko, Bosnia

NEW YORK/VISOKO ( — A big complex of pyramid structures is located in Visoko — these are the pyramids of Bosnia — tangible enigmas, ancient remnants of a time beyond memory, beyond history, beyond understanding. Many questions regarding the Bosnian pyramids, while still unanswered, continue to pique the imaginations and curiosities of many visitors of Visoko. This Rich TVX News Network bulletin is a fascinating story to Bosnian pyramids — their secret purposes, and the many incredible uses to which the mysterious energies they generate can be put. All in all there is much mystery, legend and conjecture associated with the modern conception of the pyramids in Bosnia. The Bosnian pyramid complex has become a world sensation[1]. Since 2005,[2][3] Semir Osmanagić, a Bosnian-American businessman[2] based in Houston, Texas,[4] has claimed that these hills are the largest human-made ancient pyramids on Earth. Today, the mysteries still continue to intrigue and plague scientists, scholars, and all those searching the mysteries of the Bosnian pyramids. A very special meeting took place between two giants. Book author and entrepreneur Richard Steiner met with Semir Osmanagić in Visoko, Bosnia.

Richard Steiner & Semir Osmanagić
Richard Steiner & Semir Osmanagić


Visoko is a city[1] located in the Zenica-Doboj Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As of 2013, the municipality had a population of 39,938 inhabitants with 11,205 living in Visoko town.[2] Located between Zenica and Sarajevo, Visoko lies where the river Fojnica joins the Bosna.

The Visoko region has evidence of long continuous occupation, with the first traces of life dating back to the 5th millennium BC. Archaeological excavations of Okolište have found one of the biggest neolithic settlements of the Butmir culture in southeastern Europe.[3]

It was an early political and commercial center[4] of the Bosnian medieval state, and the site where the first Bosnian king Tvrtko I was crowned. The Old town Visoki, located on Visočica hill, was a politically important fortress,[5] and its inner bailey Podvisoki was an early example of a Bosnian medieval urban area.[6] After the fall of the Kingdom of Bosnia, medieval Visoko grew as an Ottoman town. A key role in its development was played by the local Bosnian Ajas-pasha[7]

Ottoman rule ended in 1878 when the Bosnian Vilayet was occupied by Austria-Hungary. On 11 November 1911, in the last years of Austro-Hungarian rule, it was almost completely burned down by an accidental fire.[8] Before the Bosnian War, Visoko was the largest exporter of textile and leather in socialist Yugoslavia[9][10] As of 2006, Visoko attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year,[11][12][13] mainly because of Semir Osmanagić‘s claims.[14]