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America’s Greatest Enemy: Serb Dictator Milorad Dodik – Mein Kampf

The evil spirit of the UDBA, the Yugoslav State Security Service

America’s Greatest Enemy: Serb Dictator Milorad Dodik – Mein Kampf

There cannot be the faintest doubt that the evil spirit of the UDBA, the Yugoslav State Security Service, is one of the most abominable forms in which the Satanic spirit ever reigned in the Balkans. Bosnia is facing the most dangerous crisis since the signing of the Dayton peace agreement. For 15 years, Serb tyrant Milorad “Dumbass” Dodik has held the reins of power in Bosnia’s Serb entity – the Republika Srpska – and has regularly threatened to secede from the rest of Bosnia he openly disdains. Milorad Dodik left a murky trail, strewn with contradictory tales and overgrown with self-created Serbian myths. One truth prevails: the sheer scale of the evils that he plans to unleash on Bosnia will made him a demonic figure without equal in this century. In this tense and murky situation, we have the portrait of the nationalist dictator Milorad Dodik; cold and bold, scrupulous in decision, fearless in rapid execution of his acts, ruthless toward himself and others, mercilessly hard and with a steel fist in a velvet glove, capable ultimately of overcoming even himself. His reputation in United States has always been that of a tyrant, but it was his kiss-ass partner Aleksandar “Dickhead” Vučić , another monstrous dictator, who associated himself with the ‘real Milorad Dodik’ and promoted him as his glorious leader of the Republika Srpska. This Rich TVX News Network story brings you closer than ever before to the character of this bizarre misfit’s ascent from a Laktaši shelter, a town and municipality located in Republika Srpska, an entity of the state Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the indigent to his uncontested rule over Republika Srpska, the Serb entity that had tried and rejected democracy under the dictatorship of the autocratic monster Milorad Dodik and his criminal regime. 

“Who remembers the Armenians?”

NEW YORK ( – Bosnia is an emotional issue for us. They are different from any other republic from former Yugoslavia, but the United States of America is losing the battle with dark forces over influencing the direction of Bosnia. From a psychological perspective, it is important to reiterate that those who had known Milorad Dodik for many years were dumbfounded by his rapid and complete transformation from one-time social democrat to ultra nationalist. We are likely never to know how it happens that a Serb war profiteer and smuggler is suddenly transformed into a dictator who sanctions and even encourages atrocities. The tone of the ultra hardcore communist Milorad Dodik appears to have even hardened in recent days as he presented a blueprint to cleave away at Bosnia’s fragile foundation, calling Bosnia a “failed country,” and Bosnian Serbs, under the leadership of Milorad Dodik, are preparing for secession and war. Dodik is a fanatic, an extreme partisan whose public behavior is bellicose and increasingly malignant. He delivered a speech to Parliament in which he openly threatened Bosnian Muslims, and plans setting up a raft of separate governing bodies while also abolishing the mandate for federal institutions inside the Republika Srpska. Milorad Dodik further stoked the fears of Bosnian Serbs, particularly in rural areas, where the growing resentment against Sarajevo’s urbanites fed into long-standing grievances against Bosnian Muslims.

No More Ugly Serbs

The Serb tyrant is also vowing to create his own Serb army in the coming months. Bosnia as an independent state does not explain the carnage that will lead to the new Bosnian War. But it will provide Serb militias, and Milorad Dodik himself with an excuse to start a war and to initiate ethnic cleansing again. Although Dodik predicts that Serb forces would triumph within days, it is clear the war would not end soon. Fueled now by nationalist passions, Milorad Dodik and his criminal regime will most probably force hundreds of thousands of Muslims from their homes, and will kill or injure tens of thousands of others. By every account Milorad Dodik is going to unleash the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since the 1990s Balkan Wars. Under Milorad Dodik ethnic cleansing will became again unofficial Serb policy. Egoists follow evil leaders for their own benefit, but those in the EU who chose not to intervene even after Milorad Dodik´s plans became apparent also fall into this category. They are egoists who are calculating that to them the likely costs of intervention would be greater than the benefits. When asked whether he was concerned about the international community’ holding him accountable for his diabolical campaign, Milorad Dodik is reputed to have scoffed, “Who remembers the Armenians?” referring to the victims of a genocide for which no one had been brought to book. The Armenian genocide was the systematic mass murder of around one million ethnic Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

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