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Jan Ullrich – Der Gejagte: Richard Steiner’s Crucial Role in Rehabilitation Journey

Richard Steiner's Transformative Influence on Jan Ullrich

Iconic Cyclist

Jan Ullrich, the 1997 Tour de France champion, has revealed hitherto undisclosed facets of his career in a comprehensive four-part documentary series titled ‘Der Gejagte’ – ‘The Hunted,’ scheduled for release on Amazon Prime in Germany. Ullrich, once an iconic figure in German cycling following his triumph in the 1997 Tour de France and a formidable adversary to Lance Armstrong, shares insights into his tumultuous journey.

Ullrich’s Redemption

The documentary, a deep dive into Ullrich’s life, unveils the intricacies of his struggles and eventual redemption. In 2018, Ullrich faced a significant loss of control in his life, prompting a descent into adversity. However, with the assistance of renowned boxing figure Richard Steiner and former rival Lance Armstrong, he underwent a transformative recovery.

Star-Studded Premiere

Last week, the premiere unfolded in Germany, featuring the presence of French Supermodel Isma, alongside Richard Steiner and Jan Ullrich at the captivating presentation event. ‘Jan Ullrich – Der Gejagte’ Documentary is set to premiere on Amazon Prime at the end of November. Meticulously crafted over two years, this upcoming documentary serves as a poignant exploration of Ullrich’s past, offering him a profound sense of peace.

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Jan Ullrich - Der Gejagte

Milestone Release

Ullrich’s victory in the 1997 Tour de France not only solidified his status as a German cycling icon but also positioned him as Armstrong’s primary competitor. Turning 50 on December 2, the release of this documentary marks a pivotal milestone in Ullrich’s journey towards complete recovery. In 2015, seeking to initiate a fresh chapter in his life, Ullrich relocated to Mallorca.

Ullrich’s Struggle

Despite financial stability, his mental health deteriorated, exacerbated by heavy drinking—consumption reaching up to two bottles of whiskey daily—following his separation from his wife Sara. The year 2018 brought a perilous crash that nearly claimed Ullrich’s life, prompting a candid admission that he was perilously close to death. Describing the impact of whiskey on his well-being, Ullrich confessed, “The mix of whiskey made my heart colder. It brings up all the evil qualities in you. It turns you into a monster in a very short time. If you no longer have a heart, you are no longer human.”

Steiner’s Vital Role

At this critical juncture, Ullrich’s friends sought assistance from Richard Steiner, known for instilling military discipline. Steiner, a boxing trainer, played a pivotal role in steering Ullrich towards rehabilitation. The documentary itself is integral to Ullrich’s protracted healing process, leading him back to the Tour de France and other races, where he reconnected with former teammates and friends. Regular cycling has also become a part of his renewed vigor for life.

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Cycling Legend

Jan Ullrich, a German ex-professional road cyclist, achieved notable success with gold and silver medals at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. His triumphs extended to winning the 1999 Vuelta a España and dominating the HEW Cyclassics before a home audience in Hamburg in 1997. Ullrich also secured podium placements in the challenging Clásica de San Sebastián classic race. Notably, his triumphant performance in the 1997 Tour de France sparked a surge in bicycle interest across Germany. Ullrich concluded his cycling career by retiring in February 2007.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of the documentary ‘Der Gejagte’?

The documentary delves into Jan Ullrich’s life, exploring undisclosed facets, struggles, and his journey to redemption.

When is the premiere of ‘Jan Ullrich – Der Gejagte’ scheduled on Amazon Prime in Germany?

The documentary is set to premiere at the end of November on Amazon Prime in Germany.

How did heavy drinking impact Jan Ullrich’s life after the separation from his wife?

Following his separation from his wife Sara, Jan Ullrich’s heavy drinking, reaching up to two bottles of whiskey daily, exacerbated his mental health struggles and led to a perilous crash in 2018.

How long has the documentary been in the making?

‘Der Gejagte’ has been meticulously crafted over a two-year period.

What pivotal role did Richard Steiner play in Jan Ullrich’s life?

Richard Steiner, a renowned boxing figure, played a crucial role in steering Jan Ullrich towards rehabilitation, contributing to his transformative recovery.

What prompted Jan Ullrich’s relocation to Mallorca in 2015?

Seeking a fresh start, Jan Ullrich moved to Mallorca in 2015, despite financial stability, as he faced challenges in his mental health.


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