Red White & Truth with Mike Crispi – A New World Order Ft. Anthony Sabatini 9/16/21

The country we have seen and read about for the last 100 years literally doesn’t exist anymore. Over the past decade, world leaders abroad and within the United States have actively worked to undermine America’s standing on the world stage. This is why they were so afraid of Trump. Whether it’s a fundamental belief in “global governance” or dark financial interests pulling the strings, Democrats and RINOS alike have equally led us to the point we are at now. On this episode of RWT, we string together all of the major events from the last 18 months up until today to demonstrate how at every turn America was intentionally harmed. None of it is a coincidence. We are also joined by a man trying to reverse this troubling trend, Anthony Sabatini, Florida House Rep running for US Congress.

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  • They don’t care at all, don’t think if you take the jab your in their good graces. Useful idiots to this administration

  • Actually, big pharma is controlling all these politicians, which then filters down to we the people

  • I dont think they even want anyone to fight for our country. Why would they? They dont fight for our country… They just continually do destructiveness to our country our people and the world frankly. Enough is enough with these people! God almighty of the most high enough is enough…. And why are there still people that cant see???!!! Why cause they listen to absolute bunk… And they have no clue its bunk because their eyes arent open yet and they cant be bothered by any opposing information… So its like beyond frustrating because i care about my fellow Americans i dont want them to be misled… It is most certainly harmful… I mean even if they take the vaccine, and dont seek real immune boosting, health boosting alternatives… That alone could harm them… I pray for all our Americans… Cause I believe in our Americans… I think many of them are just good and too naive… And this administration boldly exploits their innocence and naivety… God almighty please bless America and our Americans… 🙏😔

  • Sigh – if MSM would only report truth 24/7 this country would be in much better shape and people would totally be getting along with each other. Instead, we get dark negative bitterness and lies 24/7 from them. Oh yes, they will occasionally tell the truth… but it's usually surrounded by lies.

  • Remember, CDC suddenly changed their definition of a "vaccine"

  • Rand Paul nailed it. One should know who they are offing.

  • Tyrants in control now are SOROS/OBAMA/CABAL.Tyrants has 16yr. PlannedOut marxtist agenda against our country.Obama is owned by marxtist soros.Obama gave tyrants 8yrs.Hillary was too finish last 8yrs but Trump got in way of their 16yr planned-out agenda to destroy and transform america into their anti-american marxtist dictatorship hell hole.Obama and soros goons attacked pres.Trump 24/7 non-stop and continuing to do so because he is only threat to their 16yr.Planned-Out Agenda against this country. This agenda started with Obamas first term.Soros said,destroying America will be culmination of his life's work.Obama said often,he was going to radically transform america.We heard Soros say in 2019 that the Trump Admin.will disappear in 2020 if not before.Tyrants tried to take pres.Trump with impeachments,esp.Pelosi who is owned by Soros who gave Pelosi's nephew Newsome one million for his recall campaign.Soros owns over third of congress (both parties)esp.Pelosi.She is passing tyrants marxtist agenda via fake Biden and Harris.Tyrants had to win 2020 to finish their 16yr.Planned-Out Agenda against our country. Soros had 132 billionaires to give him 200,000 each to help take Pres.Trump out in 2020.Hussein gave his activists Manuel's showing ways to ATTACK ANYTHING TRUMP.Obamas mgr.David Plouffe said, it's not enough to beat Trump, we must destroy him thouroughly, he must not rise again.Tyrants has to stay in power to protect that Agenda and will stop at nothing to finish overthrowing and turning it into a marxtist state.Soros and his anti-american marxtists,globalist,big tech, billionaire oligarch friends are funding and helping their 16yr.Planned-Out Agenda against our country.Tyrants are fighting audits tooth and nail at all costs.Treason and sedition has occurred against our country.Our govt.esp.Pelosi sold our country out to these outside tyrants.Our country has been hi-jacked by a former pres.Obama and his tyrant billionaire friends.Soros and Obama hell bent on carrying out their 16yr.Planned-Out Agenda to destroy and transform america into their anti-american marxtist dictatorship hell hole. Soros poured billions into our election cycles since Obamas first term.Soros owns BLM AND ANTIFA.Hes given BLM 33 million since 2016 election.Our media which Soros owns and our govt.does not say anything about destruction that these thugs are causing thru-out our nation.Our country needs a miracle.Whos working to take our country back from Soros, Obama and their tyrants?WHO?

  • Do not show Joe Biden, touching his forehead. Show him scratching his ass!!! Why? His brains, if any are located there.

  • 2nd amendment RE READ IT ! use it or loose it !

  • California is rigged & has been for about 6 yrs…since Dominion got put in place.

  • This is a prelude to Democide.

    They mean us harm.

  • Biden is a liar for 47 years finally the true colors came out his power and control is out of control time for him to take the exit and get mental help 🇺🇸

  • Your show is amazing

  • You are awesome mike I love how you say whatever you want

  • Patriotic Militia groups are forming all over the country. Many members are law enforcement, and military, active and retired. Yippie!!!!

  • Stop yelling

  • Bolden administration need to be targeted&get 5hem out of office. It's time to take our country back.
    This land doesn't belong to the Government. This Govermrnt&it's body is a bunch of freaks.

  • He is a nut case

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