Making America ignorant again | Chris Salcedo

Chris Salcedo examines the Left’s ‘socialist propaganda,’ their love for labor leader Cesar Chavez, and the extremists taking over the streets and more via Newsmax TV’s ‘The Chris Salcedo Show.’

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  • Just because Dr Kim was conservative and man of integrity and religion good man Democrats don't like is horrible 🙄😧😦

  • Commies? Read Nesta Webster.

  • I'm so impatient of this new president that doesn't know what he is doing 🙄 he is making America dander again I hope some one stop 🛑 this nonese 😆😆😆

  • Maybe we can have a vote or continue to cower in our basements, waiting for the Satanists to do their worst.

  • Well said Mr Chris Salcedo! This old lady loves you. 🌹

  • They don’t want the people of this country unified. As long as they can keep the divide and conquer tactics going they can maintain power and influence to continue doing evil and deceptive things.

  • Biden really has lost the plot

  • Certainly not enough Latino people will see this

  • Biden may just as well release all convicts in prisons.

  • Amazing commentary! I was born in Dallas TX in 1958. My parents were having lots kids (6 of 8 born in TX), and helped establish a strong GOP in Dallas. As a kid, I remember planting signs in the ground for Barry Goldwater. I was a small boy in 1963 when our first Catholic President was assassinated. My dad was transferred to Pittsburgh, and started working a Corp job with USS. Your commentary has helped me better understand the Socialist Labor Unionist drive to acquire meaningless votes from the “worker prisoners party! 👻😎😇🇺🇸
    It’s always been “not funny” that engineering professionals are not allowed to form unions!😡🤬🌍👁

  • excellent piece thank you

  • as opposed to conservative propaganda…no self reflection or integrity here

  • Great history lesson.
    I'm 51 and didn't know the real story behind Chavez.

  • I thought the bidun policy was MAMA make America mediocre again.

  • Biden is a puppet…someone else is pulling his string… This is why he had to be put into office so it's a group that is behind this and organization… I believe the strings pullers are coming from other countries

  • 70 + thousand jobs gone in first few days, what's next ?

  • Mel Gibson. !!!!!!!!

  • Why don't you people get it, they WANT to destroy our Constitutional Republic!

  • Pure evil is now in control of all branches of our government. And i mean all from federal to state to local. Wake up people its time to stop this evil. Stop obeying their unconditional laws

  • American won't last the next 4 years..

  • Love your show.

  • I'm so thankful we home schooled our children.

  • Communism has been released on America in DC like a mad dog, a mad lap dog of the CCP.

  • Sleepy Joe is US National Treasure, they should return him back to the National Museum basement.. 🤪

  • Congratulations America you played yourself. You've made your bed, now lie on it.

  • AMERICA is in big dangerous now more than ever in hand of mos corrupt ELDERLY man in office if you dont see it like it either you are blind or ignorant but is the reality!

  • Jesus is coming soon ! Say out loud and believe with your heart that Jesus is Lord, Dear Jesus
    I am a sinner and in need of a saviour, forgive me of my sins and wash me clean. I believe that you died on the cross for my sins, died, was buried and on the 3rd day rose again. Come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Saviour. In Jesus name I pray Amen. Say this out loud ( confess with your mouth, and BELIEVE and put your trust God and according to scripture you are saved. God bless everyone, I love you, Jesus loves you and wants everyone of His children saved

  • Making America ignorant again. ahahahahahahahah hilarious 😂

  • Socialist "Progranda"? Haha! You need editors who can spell.

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