The Joe Cozzo Show – Social Media Has Changed Everything 9/16/21

Are you on social media a lot? When was the last time you checked Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok? Last night? Driving in your car? Five minutes ago? It’s changed everyone’s lives, maybe for the worse.

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  • Mike Nificent talked about states going different ways a few months ago. NY upstate needs to go different ways from NYC. You cannot compromise with the left. They don't listen to facts.

  • I had to turn it off less than 3 mins in, because this guy clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. Buy a newspaper on your lunch break?? What decade is he in? People read the news ON social media. Then he said people come home and watch the 7 o'clock news… No they don't, not anyone with any sense after 2016, they know to stay away from MSM, which includes "the newspaper".. This country is being run by traitors, liars and thieves. People are brainwashed, including Joe, otherwise, he would know NOT to have Netflix (because of who runs it and their goal), he wouldn't be watching the MSM or other networks garbage, designed to brainwash and push their network's news' fake narratives. And most sensible people use social media responsibly, like alcohol. Moderation is the key. I have Facebook and only choose to have a dozen friends on there. People can have a balance. But I can't listen to this fool, who says he loves back-stabber Pence, gaslight us and deflect from the real issue, again, which is that we are run by traitors and sadists who are desperately trying to end this country. Dude, he pays for Netflix. lol

  • ive been saying this since 2013-ish….

  • Ever seen a dog beg for a treat? Create something everyone can use. Control? Who would ever do such a thing? Think about it

  • Take responsibility with your children and yourself… Limit the time on internet, cell phone, MSM, video games, and be happier, I promise. Read a book, interact with people, family friends. Make your life better.

  • These two morons on cnn are dividing this country don lemonhead and fredo cumo love dividing our country

  • Both theses guys are ridiculous how they think America is racist, they have lost their way, they are so racist they don’t know it

  • Joe, you're not quite right about your premise that "now on social media, everyone knows everything that is happening."
    These Masters of the Universe tech tyrants let people know what they want you to know. If the information happens to be about :
    alternative treatments for COVID,
    illegal immigration,
    the conspiracy to overthrow the Trump admin,
    the origins of COVID,
    the fraudulent election last year,
    Antifa and BLM chaos,
    the disgusting decline of our urban cities,
    the ever-increasing homicide and violent crime rates in Democrat-run cities,
    or anything else that might sidetrack their agenda to continue their power grab and total control of our country, you will hear nothing about it. Try putting that information out there and they'll suspend your account, demonetize your channel, or destroy your livelihood.

  • Hello Joe Cozzo absolutely right this generation is all about technology so sad the future generations will not only communicate physically there will not be facial expressions ever again CCP is to blame

  • China has its dragon claws in social media and communication satellites and wifi .. they think of everything way before everyone else.
    The future is Chinese
    Xìngfú de wèilái!

  • Sloth is a choice too. A nice one.

  • Right on target…Brilliant!

  • Honestly we are sick of tech, what good are they they deny truth

  • Nope it’s because of people like you. Finally the Demons in you expresses itself through internet and our TV screens. We are able to see who you really are. Leftist sympathizer liberal Worshipper.

  • Too much of anything can be very negative. I do think the positive side is that it can also be an exposer of the truth. Mr Trump exposed the swamp thanks to social media. The fact that it's blackened him and banned him off all their platforms shows us how much exposure of the truth is feared. All dictators meet their demise. Truth tellers triumph. Social media is also used as a playpen by the corrupt.

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