Putin’s Way Out: Lessons from History

White House Confirms Long Wait for US Abrams Tanks to be Sent to Ukraine



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Putin’s Way Out: Lessons from History

NEW YORK ( — White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed that it would take many months to send US Abrams tanks to Ukraine. President Joe Biden had announced the supply of tanks to Kyiv, but warned that the preparation of the Ukrainian military for combat operations on the Abrams could take time, as the equipment is difficult to operate. The tanks are being provided as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which requires that the equipment is ordered from the manufacturer, and not taken from the US Army. Kirby also advised Ukraine to prepare for the Russian military potentially increasing their operations when the weather improves. The decision to supply tanks was reportedly made due to changes in the battlefield and the type of combat that the Russians are currently using, and the type of hostilities that Ukraine should be prepared to face in the coming months and throughout 2023. The United States is now training Ukrainian military personnel for combined arms combat, which involves all branches of the military working together.

A Grateful Nation Honors Its Leader

The Savior of the Fatherland: Putin’s Plan for Russia

Even when backed into a corner, a rat can find a way out. In a sense, the outcome can still be worthwhile. We hope Putin will finally realize how to extricate himself from the predicament he has put himself in. He has a great historical example to follow – Saddam Hussein. Of course, not the 2006 version, but rather the 1991 version. After the Desert Storm in Iraq, Hussein was doing well. After all, he saved his people from the United States and NATO, despite the shame of running away from Kuwait. Similarly, Putin, the protector of Russia, can also save his loyal people. Even if he returns to the borders of 1991, he can present himself as the savior of the Fatherland, the one that is currently in danger. Today, he reiterated this by stating that the purpose of the war is “first and foremost, the protection of people and the protection of Russia itself from the threats that they are trying to create on our own historical territories adjacent to us.” He will fend off the danger that supposedly looms over the population, remove air defense from the rooftops, save everyone, and be forgiven for everything. Even the return of Crimea to Ukraine will now be forgiven. And in the eyes of a grateful population, he will win the war. They will compose songs in his honor, and every tenth brick produced at brick factories will be stamped “Built in the era of Vladimir Putin.”

A New Era for Russia

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