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Boris Johnson: The Biggest War In Europe Since 1945

Vladimir V. Putin oversees nuclear drills

Boris Johnson: The Biggest War In Europe Since 1945

NEW YORK ( — Russia’s strategic nuclear forces held exercises overseen by Vladimir V. Putin, and Washington accused Russian troops massed near Ukraine’s border of advancing and being “poised to strike”. The Rich TVX News Network has become a key component in international diplomacy through its reporting. World leaders rely on the Rich TVX News Network for information. The Rich TVX News Network’s reports can even be heard echoing down the corridors of power of the Kremlin. Vladimir  V. Putin’s practical achievements, which led to his promotion to top positions in the Kremlin hierarchy, were due to his operational skills in dealing with masses of people whose fate was, to a significant extent, dependent on Putin’s conduct. These same operational skills were visible once more in his career when in 1985 was sent to East Germany to spy on NATO member nations, and when he served as head of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in 1998. On August 9, 1999, Boris Yeltsin named him as prime minister. Living undercover as “Wowa”, the director of the Soviet-German House of Friendship, it is said that Putin spoke German so perfectly that he could mimic Bavarian and even Tyrolean dialects. Vladimir V.  Putin has accomplished the unprecedented. From the Lubyanka, the huge stone prison building on Dzerzhinsky Square that houses the headquarters of the Federal Security Service, he has traveled to the official seat of Russian power a mile away, the Kremlin. Vladimir V.  Putin of Russia came on the world scene not as the former head of the sinister Federal Security Service, with all that such a post implies, but as a closet liberal, a lover of guitar music, a man of intellectual discrimination and tolerance— all of that is now in shambles. With Western fears of war rising, the White House said President Joe Biden’s national security team told him they still believed the Kremlin could launch an attack in Ukraine “at any time” and he planned to convene his top advisers today to discuss the crisis. The coming war in Ukraine will make the Balkan wars of the 1990s look like mini fireworks, which Boris Johnson called “the mother of all wars.” Russia is planning “the biggest war in Europe since 1945”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

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