3AM Trump News Breaking 1/9/21 | Sean Hannity News january 9, 2021

Sean Hannity News january 9 2021

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  • Where's Hunter??? Haven't heard a thing

  • The Looney hypocrite Democrat party

  • Patriots support trump!!! 2024 can't get here fast enough

  • They need to redo big tech so they can’t censor someone on there platforms! For example Facebook closed trumps account will not let him post anything or back on ever! Google the same way! Take tik tok there is someone on there platform that steeling off the ranch videos he found out this told them that this guy is steeling he’s videos not even covering that part up! Tik tok will not do anything about it! Mat has 3 million subscribers to, this guy has just 30,000 or so! That the Sade part of this!

  • You know way president Trump is not worried it’s because he knows the house and the senate have just one vote for house and senate! And who has more seats in both republicans! So knowing that he will be the president of the United States! Is that simple! Now I’m not a democratic or a republican, I’m a independent! Who thinks for him self!

  • Why Does Biden look Like the guy from the no "I don't think I will"

  • That is the rage we have listened for 4 years and they are calling for peace while they let cities burn looted people being killed and then a impeachment then we see joe Biden and his son and Jill take payoffs from China Russia and other countries but no we have to watch the double standards know this enough is enough joe Biden is a thug his son is a thug enough is enough stop it now

  • Lind seys grab him

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