Interview at CPAC with Navy Vet Joe Collins, Who Ran Against Maxine Waters in CA 43

RSBN’s Brian Glenn sat down at CPAC with Navy Vet Joe Collins, who ran against Maxine Waters in CA 43rd congressional district.

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  • I'll take Joe Collins over Joe Biden any day.

  • HOLD THE LINE JOE COLLINS. !!!!! Run again. Please. ,Please, please. ❤🇺🇸❤

  • How do we get Waters out of there???!!!!

  • He's a gazillion times better than Mad Maxine.

  • Honorable man, Mr. Collins- Keep up the good works you’ve begun. We are watching you and are behind you all the way!! ❤️🤍💙

  • He was running for office in Southern California 43rd congressional district. I am glad to hear that he is suing.

  • I seriously had hoped Joe would have won. That district needs his representation.

  • Collins seems like a true conservative but he needs to run in a winnable district/state

  • Love Joe Collins, he’s a patriot , a veteran. Maxine is no good get her out.!!!

  • You can start by telling them the truth . Don’t lie to them by telling people who are do wrong things that it’s ok that they are the victim . Don’t pander to their low self esteem lift them up with positive influence . Stop trying to solve problems with money that’s why big tech is involved with politics they are the money so if they donate you just sold your ideas for theirs .

  • Southern California!!!!!! not Northern California!!!!!!!! and half the population in south central watts are HISPANIC!!! not just BLACK….I think you need to do a better job of researching who you are about to interview……..Keep it up Joe!!!!!!!

  • Joe Collins, you have to try again…I pray you WIN

  • We are a group of complainers. Not doer like the left. We need to fight!

  • Republicans need to get out there! Get out of your house, get involved in these communities. How are they going to know us if we are not there! Quit asking why and do!

  • He ran in SoCal. My family live in his district. They volunteered and voted for him

  • this time JOE COLLINS will win CA District 43! he speaks the community's heart.

  • You don't ask the people who broke it to try to fix it.

  • Why would you not do your 20 years as a vet if you did 14

  • prayers for you sir. thank you for your service and for your choice to continue serving we the people in a more bizarre theater. God bless, guide, comfort & protect you in Jesus's name amen.

  • Joe Collins is Fine AF 💗💗💗😁👍🇸

  • I'm here to support Trump. President Trump is the soul of the Republican Party. He made America strong again. Salute him!💘🇺🇸🦅

  • We must get rid of Maxine Waters!!!

  • There are no politicians in Houston serving the Houston community. Both Sheila and Al come out for photo ops only. By the way so does Ted Cruz and crenshaw I've never seen out for anything.

  • Politicians do not follow the rules the uni-party is corrupt..

  • Joe Collins. DONOTQUIT


  • somehow overpowered Joe. Time for that wicked witch to be impeached

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