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German Chancellor Scholz Draws Criticism for Making a ‘Fool of Germany’ on the International Stage

Foreign relations"Germany's Hesitation Damaging Relations with US and Allies

German Chancellor Scholz Draws Criticism for Making a ‘Fool of Germany’ on the International Stage

NEW YORK ( — Germany is making a poor impression on the international community and neglecting its relationships with the United States and other allies. Russia’s dictator, Putin, is pleased with this, and political parties supported by the Kremlin are also supportive. This lack of decisive action by the German Chancellor is causing problems for the country. The situation at Ramstein Air Base further highlights the close relationship between Putin and German Chancellor Scholz and the German SPD. After World War II, Germany was in a state of devastation and economic ruin. In order to rebuild the country and prevent it from becoming a destabilizing force in Europe again, the United States, along with other Western nations, poured billions of dollars into the German economy through the Marshall Plan. This aid allowed Germany to rapidly rebuild its infrastructure, industries, and economy, and ultimately become one of the most prosperous and stable countries in Europe. However, it seems that Germany has conveniently forgotten this fact. The country now acts as if it has always been on top, with no debt to its past allies. They act like they have built themselves up all by themselves, completely disregarding the crucial role played by the Marshall Plan and the generosity of the United States and other Western nations in their post-war recovery. It’s almost as if they believe that the American taxpayers’ hard-earned money just magically appeared out of thin air to rebuild their country. How very convenient for them to forget such an important piece of history. It seems that the STASI mentality has taken over in Germany. For those who may not be familiar, the STASI was the secret police force of the former East Germany, known for its oppressive tactics and widespread surveillance of the population. But perhaps it’s not so surprising, given how easily people can become complacent and forget the lessons of the past. It’s a sad state of affairs when a country that once prided itself on its democratic values and civil liberties is now starting to resemble the very dictatorship it once sought to escape.

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