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Funky House Music Is Identified With Superstar DJs Such As StoneBridge

Swedish Superstar DJ And Producer StoneBridge

Funky House Music Is Identified With Superstar DJs Such As StoneBridge

NEW YORK ( — You probably already know StoneBridge and Elsa Li Jones. You may also know that they made two of the best house tracks ever. But following up on their Billboard No 1 hit “If You Like It“, the Grammy Award-nominated Artist, Producer & DJ StoneBridge is rewriting the rules of house music on his own terms. If you’re into music, going out and staying up all night even during the COVID-19 pandemic, nowhere else that can offer what Stockholm can. It holds a special spirit from the Swemix times that’s still around in the clubs to this day. Here’s where it all began. The center of house music was Swemix, a loose but large and highly influential DJ collective which was soon turned into a proper record company of its own. It isn’t an overstatement to say that Swemix permanently changed attitudes towards European dance music. Swemix fostered such influential talents as Denniz Pop, Douglas Carr, and StoneBridge, all with enormous influence on international pop and dance music. StoneBridge´s choice of funky house tunes is very upfront and intriguing, with the latest highlight being the “Somebody” (feat. Elsa Li Jones). From early plays by Tiesto, the latest release “Somebody” on StoneBridge’s label Stoney Boy Music has become a massive anthem. Percussive and funky in the current New York house style, this is a must for everybody with an ear to the future. The vocals come courtesy of Elsa Li Jones and the production is both raw and melodic, with a different edge that only StoneBridge can provide. It’s one of those phenomenal feelgood tunes, and another killer record from the Stoney Boy Music label which produces funky grooves with appalling frequency.

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It’s Actually Very DJ-Friendly And Funky

European dance music has seen a resurgence in the last years, as every release on Stoney Boy Music is special. And this one is no exception. “Somebody” features Elsa Li Jones on vocals over a real funky groove. From the same man who gave us the brilliant ‘Love Terminator’ with the legendary Crystal Waters, and DaYeene – And It Hurts. One of the original house music pioneers. StoneBridge’s latest release is an outstanding example of his ability. Here, he teams up with the Elsa Li Jones for a subtle house stompathon that highlights producers insistence on quality. “Somebody” (feat. Elsa Li Jones) is a funky as fxxx track for house music lovers everywhere. It contains some truly superb, house beats, but suddenly the vocals kick in and we’re definitely in the 21st Century. The funky keys bump and hustle over the kind of slamming groove you always get with StoneBridge. It’s equally obvious that StoneBridge and Elsa Li Jones have spent a lot of time and thought on “Somebody“, but it’s the StoneBridge UK Mix which is making crowds scream when this bomb is dropped. Stripping back the funky grooves to reveal sharp melodies and soaraway Stockholm sounds, the funky beats and emphatic vocals by Elsa Li Jones conveying a warm, sunny essense which is hard to resist. This track is just way ahead of its time.


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